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35 Comfy AF Dresses You Won't Want To Take Off

Because comfort is the new black.

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4. A dress literally inspired by Moses, that'll be so comfortable you'll feel like you're in the promised land.


7. A turtleneck mini dress for the rare winter days when you actually shave your legs.

8. A loose tunic, because holiday dinners are no joke and you deserve to give yourself some room for dessert, all of the dessert.

11. A form-fitting sweater dress so comfortable you can dance in it, dine in it, and promptly fall asleep in it (and probs never take it off again).


12. A lovely, loose maxi made for nights when you need a little black dress that costs a whole lot less.

15. A dress that, when in a list about dresses that don't look like potato sacks, might be the closest we get, but I'd be pretty chill with looking like a potato sack this chic, wouldn't you?

16. An insanely comfortable muumuu, because literally you won't have felt true freedom until you get/devour all-you-can-eat pizza in a vertical-striped dress with zero shape, bless.


18. A colorblock shift for moments when you're feeling sporty and pretty and pretty sporty.

20. A satin dress to wear when you feel like walking around in slightly risqué, almost-lingerie (as if that isn't all the time).


24. A casual checkered smock that can inspire the artist inside of you.

34. A brilliant blue dress long enough it'll hide your unshaved winter legs and light enough it'll hide your unshaved summer legs, what could be more comfortable than that?


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