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    28 Curtains That Reviewers Truly Love

    Gazing at your brand new olive green velvet curtains might be even better than the view *out* your window.

    1. A geometric panel curtain that'll add some texture to your rental's walls while leaving the *actual* walls bare. What's a landlord's favorite thing to count? Holes in the drywall.

    Geometric curtain with tassels on the edges

    2. A custom velvet curtain in a thick, rich fabric is sure to add an elegant touch to your living room. There really is something about velvet that makes a place look every flavor of fancy.

    3. A subtle diamond pick that's totally gonna be an ~acute~ angle in your space.

    Slightly sheer panel curtains in white with cream triangle pattern

    4. A botanical blackout curtain so you can enjoy some leafy greens even when you'd rather not see the sun.

    Leafy curtains with green blackout back

    5. Or a solid color option for night owls, like myself, who like sleeping in waaay past sunup. Sunrise is for suckers!

    Window with regular black curtains on one side with light shining through. The blackout curtain is on the other side and has no light shining through at all.

    6. A spice colored curtain with embroidered details that'll really pop in a home with a vintage vibe. Hey 1977, I like what you've got going on.

    Rust colored curtains with embroidered diamond shapes

    7. A linen cafe curtain sure to make your kitchen look lovely, while also hiding your face from your kids when you're cooking and they're playing in the backyard. Avoid eye contact or they'll beg you to make snow angles outside. Why can't kids feel the cold?!

    8. A botanical window panel – it's gonna give you a thrifty floor-to-ceiling tapestry your artistic heart is sure to love just as much as your wallet does.

    Vintage botanical print from floor to top of curtain

    9. A cotton linen number in a soft cream color with bold edges. It'd be a real ~tassel~ trying to find another option with the same edginess and elegance...better grab this one while you can!

    Cream curtain with black tassels on the edges

    10. Semi-sheer pocket curtains for going all-in on your cabin decor.

    Green checkered floor-length curtains with an image of trees, an elk, and a moose on the bottom

    11. A thermal curtain you can hang above your front door to give your entryway a glam look *and* to keep that pesky draft from getting inside if your old home is less than insulated.

    Mustard colored curtains with added cover on top. They hit the floor.

    12. A pair of sheer drapes that'll show all your visitors you really do have a di-vine sense of style.

    13. A sheer linen panel — a sunny option for apartment dwellers who want to keep light in their apartment while blocking the view of the neighbor's bathroom window at the same time.

    Long and light curtains in yellow

    14. A goth backdrop to give your room a romantic vibe and transform your modern fourth-floor walkup into the Victorian "mansion" you know you deserve.

    15. A pair of color-block curtains that can easily go with any room or choice of decor. Sometimes the simplest choice is, in fact, the best choice!

    Grommet curtains that hit the floor with two tone colors

    16. Floral lace curtains for adding airy, beachside vibes to your place (even if there isn't a beach to be seen for miles around).

    17. A vintage, two-layer set that'll make your library the perfect setting for sitting down and digging deep into your favorite fairytales.

    Green curtains with pattern of birds in fruit and leaf covered branches. The inner layer matches the pattern but is on a sheer fabric.

    18. An ombré option sure to add a touch of color to your plant family's living quarters. Picture either of these surrounded by a bunch of green leaves. Heaven.

    19. A mod set that'll prove a simple pattern is more than meets the eye.

    Gray and cream curtains that fall to the floor

    20. Buffalo plaid curtains for embracing parts of the trendy farmhouse aesthetic that should never, I repeat, never go out of style. Perky picnic patterns included.

    21. A beaded panel – it's be a great addition to a dining room, kitchen, or any other location where privacy is not a necessity, but style IS. Go ahead, let the neighbors peek in and see what great taste you have.

    Beaded sheer curtains with lace details on the bottoms

    22. A thick hummingbird curtain sure to have your heart all aflutter.

    Cream curtains with rope tiebacks and colorful hummingbirds

    23. A vintage botanical pick I personally find so gosh darn charming I can't be-leaf anyone can handle living life without it.

    White curtains with subtly colored flowers throughout

    24. Two story curtains — a practical pick for homeowners who have a whole lot of window to deal with.

    Several sets of two-story curtains in a large room, all in white

    25. A patchwork pair that'll give my maximalist cottage-core SOULMATES the bold patterns they deserve!

    Long curtains with pieced-together squares with different fabrics in several different patterns and colors

    26. A floral scroll choice sure to delight viewers who loved Bridgerton so much they wanna live in it.

    Vintage stamp floral pattern in blue on khaki background

    27. A lace piece for adding a warm, delicate touch to your blessedly boho decor.

    Vintage style lace curtains

    28. And finally, motorized curtains that'll feel like magic every time you draw the curtains.

    Curtains on either side of a sliding door with arrows pointing out, showing that they move without assistance. There is a remote, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home in the image to show what the curtains work with.

    My reflex reaction when my spouse thinks we don't need hummingbird themed curtains:

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