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    All The Best Black Friday Weekend Deals At Walmart

    Deals on Oral-B toothbrushes, the Ninja coffee bar, laptops, television sets, and so much more. These are what (retail) dreams are made of.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Black Friday weekend. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately.

    Black Friday weekend is finally here and Walmart is properly celebrating every second! Now that you've finished digesting Thanksgiving dinner, take some time to enjoy the delicious price drops on some of our favorite Walmart products.

    1. 47% off a Ninja coffee bar, because you've ~bean~ dreading the thought of hosting your family over the holidays this year and you deserve all the caffeine to help get you through. All of it.


    This set uses a multi-serve dial so you can choose a size for a cup, travel mug, half carafe, or carafe and it'll let you enhance the flavor level for every kinda cup.

    Price: $79 (originally $149)

    2. $340 off a Parrot BeBop drone, so you no longer have to hear that special someone in your life ~drone~ on and on about how much they want one.


    Price: $159.15 (originally $499.99)

    3. 40% off a heated faux fireplace credenza to give any home a cozy, rustic touch.


    The fireplace insert heats a room up to 1,000 square feet and includes a remote control.

    Price: $299 (originally $500)

    4. $60 off a Windows 10 laptop for anyone who wouldn't mind seeing something other than Christmas lights glowing by the tree.


    Price: $219 (originally $279)

    5. $150 off an inflatable portable hot tub with enough room to fit four people, working jets, and now at a price you can easily ~pool~ together enough money to get.


    Price: $349 (originally $499)

    6. 35% off a Nest indoor security camera is gonna make you feel safe and secure as you start ~nesting~ in your home.


    Price: $129 (originally $199)

    7. 49% off a 99-piece toolset that'll take care of 100% of your household needs.


    Price: $49.97 (originally $97.99)

    8. $80 off a serving cart that's gonna be a deal worth drinking to.


    Price: $49 (originally $129)

    9. 57% off a hoverboard so your kid can McFly around the block and enjoy the great outdoors on a really great hoverboard.


    Price: $127 (originally $299, available in three colors)

    10. 38% off a Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum that'll keep your pet entertained and keep your pet's fur off the carpet.


    You can connect this little cutie to your phone to control where, what, and when it cleans. It's basically the most practical video game on the planet.

    Price: $214.99 (originally $349)

    11. $30 off an Oral-B electric toothbrush so you don't have to ~brush off~ investing in an electric toothbrush any longer.


    This uses a 30-second pulsing timer to let you know when to switch places. It can also be used with any Oral-B brush head.

    Price: $34.94 (originally $64.94, available in two colors)

    12. 43% off a 50" LED TV, because Game of Thrones is coming back in the spring and you'd better warm up a new TV now to prepare.


    Price: $199 (originally $349.99, or get a 32" for $89.99, originally $179.99)

    13. $39 off an oil-free fryer so you can cook up something delicious and even somewhat nutritious.


    Price: $59.88 (originally $99)

    14. 48% off a massive trampoline — this is a deal you're gonna want to ~jump~ on immediately.


    Price: $349 (originally $679.99)

    15. $40 off a KitchenAid that's sure to put a ~spin~ on your current cooking process.


    Price: $189 (originally $229)

    16. $120 off a cordless electric razor for the cleanest shave you ever did see.


    This uses micro-vibrations to catch more hair and give a cleaner shave. It has four shaving elements, contour adaptation, five modes, and a combined cleaning and charging station.

    Price: $169.94 (originally $289.94)

    17. $120 off a four-piece dining set that'll compliment any kitchen or dining room.


    This set includes a table, two chairs, and a bench.

    Price: $179 (originally $299.99, available in two colors)

    18. $100 off an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle that's gonna be an X-cellent gift to give the video game fan in your life.


    Price: $199 (originally $299)

    19. $40 off a modern futon that'll have you sleeping soundly knowing you saved so much on it.


    Price: $259 (originally $299, available in two colors)

    20. 42% off a bread maker so easy to use you can have some scrumptious bread made while you just ~loaf~ around the house waiting for it to finish.


    Price: $39.99 (originally $69.99)

    21. 43% off a Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine that'll have you really singing... about all the money you saved on this.


    Price: $39 (originally $69)

    22. 22% off a queen-sized air mattress that'll have your guests feel like royalty when they stay at your place (well, pretty much).


    Price: $47 (originally $59.98)

    23. $80 off an iPad for anyone who loves Apple products but hates Apple prices.


    Price: $349.99 (originally $429, available in two colors)

    24. 26% off a cowhide statement chair that'll be worth moooving the rest of your furniture around just to show it off.


    Price: $104.50 (originally $142.81, available in eight colors)

    25. $45 off a multi-position ladder that's sure to be a real ~step up~ from the chair you've been using to reach things in the past.


    This has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, scaffold, stairway ladder, and wall ladder.

    Price: $94 (originally $139)

    26. 63% off a heavy duty storage rack (that can hold up to 600 pounds) that's gonna change the way you organize your storage.


    Price: $44.58 (originally $120.37)

    27. $51 off a battery-powered truck so your kiddos can have the time of their life driving on the open road. Well, on the open driveway.


    This can cruise from two to five miles per hour and runs on and is recommended for children three and up. For steering wheel sounds, add in two AA batteries (not included). It has an MP3 connector with speakers, a battery life indicator, and an external side charging port.

    Price: $298 (originally $349, available in two colors)

    28. 35% off a sewing machine that's gonna be ~sew~ good to use when you want to start making clothing and quilts all on your own.


    Price: $127 (originally $199.97)

    29. 45% off a spacious storage cabinet where you can store all that money you save from mastering Black Friday.


    Price: $49.99 (originally $89.99, available in three colors)

    30. 42% off Dyson's cordless stick vacuum because it ~sucks~ how much a great vacuum costs... every other day of the year.


    Price: $344.99 (originally $599)

    31. $58 off a gold display table that's gonna be the gold standard for your home decor from now on.


    Price: $90 (originally $147.96)

    32. 71% off a fitness kit so you can start your New Year's resolution early.


    Price: $19.47 (originally $67.99)

    33. And finally, $120 off an Oculus Go that'll be so fun you'll hardly believe it's (virtual) reality.


    Price: $179+ (originally $199, available in two sizes)

    Great job taking advantage of these stellar Black Friday weekend sales from the comfort of your own couch!


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