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    29 Bed Frames That'll Basically Be The Star Of Your Bedroom

    It's time to make your bed...something special.

    1. A queen-size reclaimed barn wood frame for giving your bedroom a rustic touch the Pioneer Woman would applaud.

    2. A hand carved beauty made from tropical hardwood that'll make your bedroom the show-stopping centerpiece of your entire home.

    3. A modern canopy you can put up if you hate hunting for home decor but still want your bedroom looking magazine-ready. This thing can do it all, all on its own.

    4. A classic tufted bed sure to make your room look like it was plucked straight out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel.

    5. A queen-size platform bed with a beach house vibe that's gonna have you feeling like you're off on a vacation (even if it's just to dreamland).

    6. A square sensation that'll be the ~right angle~ in your place no matter what bedding you currently have lying around.

    7. A cool teal blue bed for people who sport 2020's latest trends even in their sleep. Embracing bold colors will have you feeling anything but blue!

    8. A curved cross-hatching choice so darn good lookin' you're gonna want to have it around forever.

    9. A queen-size linen bed frame that'll bring a joyful tear to any A-type's eye. Efficient storage in hidden shelving?! Excuse my sniffles, I just need a moment.

    10. A utilitarian folding metal option that'll be easy to move around if you're a fan of furniture Tetris *and* look bold without being bulky.

    11. An extra low rattan frame sure to have you ~floored~ by its good looks every time you head to bed.

    12. An upholstered daybed that'll seamlessly shift from day to night with its incredibly cush look.

    13. A minimalist bed frame that's gonna prove to your mercilessly maximalist roommate that simplicity is just as powerful a statement.

    14. A mango wood frame sure to add a warm, natural vibe to your room.

    15. A tufted number that'll have your friends and family simply ~green~ with envy when they see it.

    16. A bold velvet bed for people who want a colorful nightlife (while staying home and watching Netflix in bed).

    17. A book nook bed that'll be a brilliant addition to any studio apartment. The shelving helps divide your space during the day while making you feel like you're in a cozy room at night.

    18. Or a clever corner bed so you can maximize space while giving your apartment a chic-meets-incredibly-comfy vibe.

    19. A boho bed for nature lovers who want an airy sleeping space that looks freshly picked from a tropical paradise.

    20. A metal piping platform pick sure to prove that having cool, practical bedding isn't just a pipe dream.

    21. Or a white piping option you're gonna love if you like to keep things on the bright side.

    22. A hand carved piece of art worth investing in if you're ready to commit to a bed frame forever. This beaut wants you, to have and to hold, as long as you both shall live. Romance.

    23. A customizable, queen size neo-classical pick for living (more specifically, sleeping) in the actual lap of luxury.

    24. A perky platform choice with a removable headboard that'll spruce up your space without taking up much space at all.

    25. A black metal canopy with gold details for sophisticated souls who want a bed with the Midas' touch.

    26. A luxe velvet bed that'll give you a soft place to land after a hard day's night.

    27. An industrial platform frame that's gonna complement all the furniture in your room. Thanks, mixed materials!

    28. A king size masterpiece to admire your entire life, until it literally becomes a family heirloom. This intricately hand carved piece is sure to make sleeping an actual dream.

    29. And finally, a house frame that'll delight both you and your youngster every time they get tucked into bed.

    You, falling asleep in your brilliant new bed:

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