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If You're Short, You Absolutely Hate Hearing These 11 Things People Just Love To Say

"How's the weather down there?" 😡

Hello, my fellow shorties! As vertically-challenged people, we have to stick together because we get a lot of sh*t from people who've clearly never had to stand on their tippy toes to reach something. So, without further ado, here are 11 things we short people are all collectively tired of hearing from tall folk. Ready? Let's go.

@beeandpuppycat / Via

1. "I feel so big next to you!"

Michael Scott looking super mad over being short

We get it. You're taller than us. You don't have to keep pointing it out. You don't hear us pointing out that you're much more likely to get struck by lightening than us, do you?

2. "How do you reach the steering wheel?"

A woman trying to see over steering wheel but she's too short
Wah!Banana / Via

Listen. I reach the steering wheel just fine. However, my grandma is also short, and she sits on a pillow when she drives. We make do.

3. "I don't date people shorter than me."

A short woman on a stepping stool hugging a tall man

That's your loss. You're not on our level (physical or emotional) anyway, and you never will be!

4. "Wow, I can see right over you."

A giant woman holding a normal sized man
DreamWorks Animation

Calm down, Yao Ming. You're not the Jolly Green Giant.

5. "Your head's the perfect height for my arm rest."

Michelle Obama resting her elbow on the head of Olympian Simone Biles
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Unless you're Michelle Obama, literally just don't

6. "Want me to grab that for you?"

Baby Yoda reaching for something that's far away

By now, us shorties have pretty much mastered the art of climbing up on countertops to reach what we need. But also... yes, can you please give me a hand?

7. "You're so cute when you’re angry."

A menacing Kirby brandishing a knife outside your door
@ZERO / Via

Usually makes us even angrier, and you won't like us when we're angry!

8. "How do you even get dressed in the morning?"

#growingupshort when u look cute and try to take a mirror selfie but u can't reach :-)

I have a counter question for you: why do you put your mirrors up so darn high?

9. "Sorry, but we have to make sure you're tall enough to ride this ride."

Steven from Steven Universe being too short to ride a ride
Cartoon Network

The short person's walk of shame is going back down the line of the water slide you were just waiting in for half an hour because you weren't tall enough to ride. :/

10. "How's the weather down there?"

Georgie from It saying hi and georgie asking how the weather is in the drain
Warner Bros. Pictures/Austin Allie

It's the same as up there, you giraffe.

11. And lastly, "Do you shop in the kid section?"

Gavin Thomas as a little kid crossing his arms upset on the couch
Gavin Thomas / Via

Quite frankly, this question is infuriating. But yes, sometimes we do. Jokes on you though because kid clothes are cheaper!

So, that's it for this list, but please drop a comment if we forgot something that really grinds your gears as a short person!

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