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Mojito Spritz

Try this spritz for a game-changing summer sipper! @MalibuRumUS #MalibuRum


1 lime, quartered into wedges

1 lemon, quartered into wedges

10–15 mint leaves

1 teaspoon sugar

3 ounces Malibu® Rum

8 ounces sparkling wine

2 ounces club soda


Lemon rounds

Lime rounds

Mint sprigs



1. In a shaker, muddle together lime wedges, lemon wedges, mint leaves, sugar, and Malibu Rum.

2. Add ice and shake until cold.

3. Fill two glasses with fresh ice and divide the shaker mixture between the two. Then add 4 ounces of sparkling wine to each and top with 1 ounce of club soda.

4. Garnish with lemon and lime rounds and a sprig of mint.