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This Buzzfeed will consist of ten different points based upon ways to become successful after high school. This Buzzfeed is meant for informational purposes and will give young adults a different outlook on options to become successful beyond high school.

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1. Traditional 4 Year College/Universities

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College is a great experience to explore the type of person you are and can help shape the person you want to become. College is mainly about learning but plays a great deal of freedom and experiencing what it is like to be on your own. Keep in mind college, can put you in a horrible financial state in life and their is no guarantee to get the job that you're majoring in.

2. Military

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The military is a great career path to pursue. The military has plenty of benefits to offer such as free college education, a guaranteed job for anyone, healthcare, and serving the country that provides you with so much freedom. Of course, there are also drawbacks to joining the military, when joining the military makes your life decisions until you complete your commitment. This can result in danger or isolation from family and friends.

3. Vocational/Trade School

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Trade school is a good choice for someone who wants to learn and specify in a particular field. Trade-school is a shorter duration and helps you get a head start on your working skills. Most trade-school jobs help you get a job after graduating from the specific field you are pursuing in. A disadvantage can be low costs and worrying about losing your job being that's the only skill you can perform to perfection.

4. Stocks and Bonds

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Stocks and Bonds can be a very successful route to take because you invest your money in a business that is already successful or on the rise. Stocks and Bonds can bring you major profit when business is going good. On the other hand, a major risk is your money can be wasted because when business is not going well,you can lose your money and lose all profit.

5. Invest in Real Estate

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When investing in real estate you can make plenty of profit and have major cash flow coming in after all the bills are paid. But, not only will the cash flow be received whereas there a great tax benefits that will help you collect even more money from the government. While this is very interesting, understand that it can be very difficult to find people who are willing to pay for real estate through a third party.

6. Business/Entrepreneur

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When starting up your own business, it includes more hardships than success. Even though, being your own boss can be an advantage it can also become overwhelming. Businesses are great and are ways to make money, especially if you're doing something you love. They say "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life."

7. Volunteer/Charity


Charity is wonderful and can open many doors and opportunities for others and yourself. Charity would be a great experience for people who love to work and give back to their community. Charity mainly consists of volunteering, meaning no pay although, some do pay depending on the organization.

8. Commuity College/Associates Degree

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Community college is an amazing route to take to get your life on a fast track. Community college can help you obtain your associates degree which can open up plenty of job opportunities. Community college can also be a great choice because it is cheaper than a traditional four year university and you can stay close to home which will give you the chance to still make money at the same time.

9. Write a book


As bogus as this may sound writing a book can make you some money. Although, it may take a few books for one to actually get recognized it will all be worth it. This profession would be great for someone who has plenty of thoughts that need to be expressed but is confused on how to get the words out. This can also help someone who feels as if they're alone because it can touch others who feel the same way as you, which will give one's readers a connection to the author.

10. Perfecting an Art

Piano Music Melted Crayon Art by gstarcreations on Etsy / Via

When perfecting an art, it can consist from anything along the lines of music, painting, drawing, and crafting. This can make you quick and easy money especially if your good and the craft that you chose has been perfected. Many people will buy your work as long as you have loyal and reliable customers, it is all based upon your clientele

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