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Why I Chose To Stop Wearing Makeup: Beautifully Flawed

Our society does not set realistic ideals for women. I grew up watching TV, reading magazines, and just wishing to be more beautiful... to be more like another. Less pale, no dark circles under my eyes, whiter teeth, less pimples, the list went on and on. I began to hate myself for all my imperfections. I decided to make a change... here are 5 reasons why I have stopped wearing makeup.

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1. It's expensive!


Okay this one is kinda superficial, but seriously... it's hard to keep up with buying makeup! As someone who is supporting herself through college by working two jobs... it's next to impossible to save money for tuition, food, textbooks, essentials.... and you want to add makeup to my list? No thanks!

2. To love myself fully


I noticed if I ever left the house without makeup on, I would find myself saying "Sorry, I look like I got ran over by a truck today!" or "How bad do I look?" and just being downright self conscious. But, me without makeup... is me! It's who my significant other will see when I roll over in the morning, it's natural, and it is beautiful. To start loving myself... I needed to start being myself... completely and fully me.

3. I want to be noticed for something other than my physical features


I'll admit it... it's really nice when someone compliments your body or your look. However, I don't think I will ever inspire the women and girls of the world by just being a pretty face for them to want to look like. I want to encourage girls to stand up for themselves, speak their minds, follow their dreams, show off their intelligence... BE FIERCELY FEMALE!

4. The ones that matter... will love me like this


If someone is lusting after me because of my physical appearance, they really do not feel any love for me. They love the picture of me. They do not know me. My boyfriend loves me when he sees me roll over in bed in the morning, and my mom when I'm just getting in from a long day of work. My friends love me even when we both know I look like I haven't slept in a day. Even with my dark circles , my acne, and my pale skin... I'm still beautiful.

5. I am "Perfectly Flawed"

MaKenzie Kathleen Wicks

I'm not trying to say that those that wear makeup are a lesser kind of person... this is purely a personal choice. I feel you should do whatever makes you feel confident! But in my personal experience... makeup was causing me and those around me to destroy my self confidence, not build it up. I didn't love who I was when I was "naked". I have come to realized that I am beautifully flawed, perfectly flawed... and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's me up there... and I'm proud of it.

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