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A Children's Journal In The 21st Century?

What happens with the childhood friendship and memories in the digital age? Well hopefully we can keep them and cherish them as long as possible.

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A Children's Journal In The 21st Century?

Zeli Media

Hi guys,

How many of you reading this have children? If you do have children, please continue reading. And moreover, if you care about your children's memories and friendship, do read it!

It is not a secret that social media use can cause addiction and anxiety in children and teens.

Not only that, but it has become a norm in making friends online. Although we consider internet a modern means of communication, it is definitely not the only tool through which we can communicate and develop friendships. Moreover, the apps and social platforms that we use today may be outdated within the next decade due to technology growth.

So what then?

What this would mean is that our children, would have no personal keepsake that would represent their childhood and adolescent years.

Trying to find a balance in the information age, creators of the Bloomnote decided to put their efforts into a physical journal that will encourage children and teens to build friendships and preserve their childhood and adolescent memories. Looking back in history, we can trace those types of journals in the 19th century Europe, where young boys and girls would usually get them for their birthdays or for special occasions. The content found in these journals was pretty serious and genuine, thus inscribing one's name in the journal was a great honor and privilege. Themes such as friendship, love, and education, along with the exquisite drawings, made these journals so special and unique.

I have always loved the journal idea and coming from Europe I am still romantic and nostalgic about the old journals.

However, times have changed, and the journals have been replaced by blogs and social networks which feel less permanent and less valuable. There is so much digital media nowadays, and it is very difficult to have all the information in one place, especially one's memories. With the Bloomnote journal, children and teens can actually have their friendships and memories in one place, and most importantly, have a valuable recollection and a physical keepsake of the most magnificent period of their lives.

I love it and hopefully, you will too.

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