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    19 Backyard Water Games You Have To Play This Summer

    2 cool 4 school.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Swap out baseballs for water balloons to take backyard batting practice to the next level.

    You'll be the star of the team in no time. Check it out here.

    2. Use pool toys, sponges, and PVC pipe to make a kiddie car wash.

    Bonus: use it to give bikes and outdoor toys a good cleaning. Check out the idea here.

    3. DIY a dunk bucket to drench your friends (and practice your throwing).

    Find the instructions here.

    4. Take a fill-the-bucket water relay to the next level by drilling holes in the relay cups.

    More water will trickle out for ~maximum coolage~ on a sweltering afternoon. Get all the info here.

    5. Make an easy water slide using a tarp, a hose, and shampoo.

    It really is that easy. Check out the how-to here.

    6. Swap out a piñata for water balloons for a game that will actually cool you down.

    Find out more here.

    7. Cup up sponges to make water fight tools that are more gentle than regular balloons.

    Get the instructions here.

    8. Combine the fun of a sprinkler with a game of limbo for fun at all ages (and heights).

    Learn how to make it here.

    9. Transform pool noodles and a tarp into a backyard hockey rink.

    Just add water! Get the how-to here.

    10. Use a hula hoop to make giant person-sized bubbles.

    Good ~clean~ fun. Learn more here.

    11. Round up the biggest, baddest Disney villains and use them for squirt gun target practice.

    Sorry not sorry, Maleficent. Get all the details here.

    12. Use squirt guns to race plastic cups down a line.

    And then put those skills to the test and win all the prizes at your local amusement park. Check it out here.

    13. Transform "Duck, duck goose" into "Drip, drip, drench" by tagging players with a soaked sponge.

    Check out the idea here.

    14. Construct a water balloon launcher out of a repurposed tub and a wooden plank.

    See who can launch the farthest! Check it out here.

    15. Hold a race to see who can put on a frozen tee the fastest.

    Simple stick a couple wet t-shirts in the freezer the night before. Check out the idea here.

    16. Get up a sidewalk racetrack and propel toy cars with squirt guns.

    Perfect for homes without a lot of green space. Check out the idea here.

    17. Use kiddie pools as bases in a game of kickball that's actually refreshing.

    And slide into home plate on a slip n slide. Learn more here.

    18. Fill water balloons with water, cornstarch, and food coloring to make awesome splatter paint bombs.

    It will look like Jackson Pollock visited your driveway. Check out the details here.

    19. Rig up this awesome series of water blasters using hoses, pipes, and pool noodles.

    Prepare for your backyard to become the hottest spot in the neighborhood. Learn how to make it here.