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11 Historic Paintings That Really Could Have Rocked A MaleCrimp

Because one of history's greatest mistakes is that the crimping iron came so late.

1. Portrait of Beethoven With Wild Crimp, 1820

2. Portrait of Alfred Sisley With Scarf Crimp, 1868

3. Camille Monet on a Garden Bench Accompanied by Man With Fluffy Crimp, 1873

4. Self-Portrait With Pastel Crimp, 1659.

5. Portrait of a Crimped-Haired Man With a Dog, c. 1520

6. Portrait of a Man With a Fluffy Crimp, c. 1762

7. Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman With Stylish Crimp, c. 1510/1515

8. Portrait of a Gentleman Wearing a Fancy Ruff and an Equally Fancy Crimp, 1627

9. The Emperor Napoleon in his Study at the Tuileries With Stylish Crimp, 1812

10. Williamstown Portrait of George Washington With Luscious Crimp, 1797

11. Portrait of a Gentleman With a Flowing Crimp Petting A Dog, c. 1663

These guys could have rocked a MaleCrimp. Could you?

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