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So I Graduated From College...uhh Now What?

Because not everyone graduates with a million dollar career lined up, okay??!??!

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Congratulations! You graduated from a four year university! With honors!

If you have recently graduated, or are going to be graduating soon, these words might sound familiar.

What also probably sounds familiar is the constant "What are your plans after graduation?"

Your friends and schoolmates all seem to have high paying jobs lined up, but you...don't.

Then you get that condescending look from whoever asked that just screams...slacker.

You aren't a slacker! Listen, there are a hundred and one million reasons why you may not have your perfect dream job lined up yet.

But still...damn it sucks.


You may be down in the dumps about this. You only have six months until sweet old Sally Mae comes knockin' on your door seeking the thousands of dollars in student loans that you had to take out.

You start to sweat.


You continue to job search.

Persephone Magazine

Everything you find required at minimum 300 years of experience...but it is described as an entry level job...?

You are not alone. I guarantee that so many recent grads are in the same exact boat as you. Don't be so hard on yourself!! (I am writing this basically as a pep talk because I am in the exact same boat).

Keep on trucking, friends. We will get through this. And hopefully have jobs that let us buy as many dogs as we can. Because, well, dogs.

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