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Fad, Sad Diets

I tried a bunch of viral fad diets and they made me sad

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I love health and wellness. I also love the internet. These things mixed can often mean trouble for little ole’ Maia. I get to reading about how some new diet will make me a being of absolute health and freakin’ run with it, ask anyone who knows me.

The thing is, little ole’ Maia has days where she doesn’t feel so little. I am a big fan, however much I hate to admit it, of a fad diet. I have tried them all. No, really. Keto, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, pescatarian, HC/LF, been there, done that.

(I know that vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian are not fad/crash diets. They are however ways that I thought I could drop at few pounds quickly.)

I’ll share a little bit of my experience with each and maybe give you a little insight into the diets through my experiences.

Keto was the last one I have tried. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand Keto has been a literal life saver for people. However, a diet mainly consisting of avocados and grilled chicken just wasn’t for me. The lack of fruit and potatoes drove me up the freakin wall. I lost a significant amount of weight on the scale in a short amount of time (ahem, water weight) but LITERALLY gained it all back from one Pepperjax binge. I’m not joking people.

I would love to be vegan. Maybe one day I will fully commit. However, it is taxing to make sure every ingredient in everything you eat is completely dairy free. I’ve attempted being vegan a few times for weeks at a time and always end up binging on some buttery popcorn at the movies because damnit it is so damn good. And your girl loves a corndog and the occasional McChicken.

I actively try to eat dairy free as often as I can. I think I am mildly lactose intolerant.

My issues with being vegetarian/pescatarian/HC LF honestly lie with 1.) being hungry all the time and 2.) having to eat a large amount of food to feel full. The lack of protein really gets to me (and yes I know there are meat-free proteins out there, I’m still learning, get off my back).

So, lo and behold, what works for me? I guess trying to consciously eat healthy things. Fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy grains. I also don’t drink alcohol very often? It makes me feel the best. How BORING am I? I also have eaten half a dozen Maple Glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme in the half hour drive home.


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