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14 Times Mr. Resetti From Animal Crossing Put The Fear Of God In Us

Whether we lost power, our moms shut off the game, or we just had to press that dreaded reset button, Mr. Resetti was there laying down the law.

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1. When he insulted you in your own home

2. When he taught you to respect your elders

3. When he judged all of your personal choices

4. When he straight up threatened you


5. When he had a bad-ass cameo in Super Smash Bros

6. When he really just lost it

7. When his fashion choices were unsanitary

8. When everyone in town agreed he was nuts


9. When he lost the patience he never had

10. When he made you realize his life is hard

11. When he lay down some hard truths

12. When he wasn't ashamed of who he was

13. When he was a mom

14. When he showed his sensitive side

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