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    Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist

    A lot of people thinks that psychologist and psychiatrist are same profession, but its not true. These are two totally different professions. What's a different between them we are going to discuss.

    Many of us confuse a psychologist with a psychiatrist. Most of us think these two professions are exactly the same. It is not true; there is a difference between the best psychologist and the best psychiatrist in Dubai. With mental problems on the rise all over the world, it is important to learn the difference to find the right professional whenever the needs arise. This article compares and contracts both professions. Please continue reading to learn more.

    Maheen Fatima

    Who is a Psychologist?

    A psychologist tries to study mental processes and human behavior by recording, observing and interpreting the way people related to the environment and to other people. A psychologist either works independently or with an organization to conduct research or to treat people.

    Who is a Psychiatrist?

    A psychiatrist, unlike a psychologist, is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of addictive, mental, and emotional disorders such as:




    •Substance abuse

    •Sexual dysfunction

    •Developmental disabilities

    Psychology vs. Psychiatry

    It is true that there are some similarities but both fields are different. If we study the job description of these fields, we find similarities and differences. Sometimes, a patient needs a psychologist; whereas, some patients need a psychiatrist.

    Let’s discuss how these two fields are different.

    Psychiatrist vs. Psychologist

    There is some difference in the education of both areas of specialization. One of the main difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist is that the former cannot prescribe medicine and the later can prescribe medicines. There is a difference in training as well; the psychiatrists are trained to handle different mental conditions than that of the psychologists.

    A psychologist can conduct psychological tests; whereas, a psychiatrist cannot conduct a psychological test. A psychologist practices psychotherapy to treat emotional and mental suffering in patients. The best psychiatrist in Dubai can treat famous mental problems such as anxiety, psychosis, depression, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, and developmental disabilities.

    There are other differences and we will discuss the details in a detailed article on these areas.

    Do I Need a Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

    After reading the difference between these two domains, you may be able to identify when should a person visit a psychologist and when a psychiatrist should be seen. If you still do not understand the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, there is nothing to worry. Just visit the nearest mental health professional and ask your questions.