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10 Ways To Survive Being Home For The Holidays

We believe in you. Make it through the final sprint of 2016 by binge-watching Syfy's The Magicians, and keep the holiday magical.

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4. Take advantage of the limitless Christmas food at your parents' house and achieve new levels of cookie consumption:

You can't answer your dad's questions about why you're still single when your mouth is full of gingerbread, FYI.

6. When you run into people from HS, try to act normal and pretend it's not crazy awkward:

"Hi Kevin! How've you been since I told you I loved you freshman year of high school? I'VE BEEN REALLY GREAT. JUST GREAT."

All images courtesy of Syfy.

We believe in you. Grab a blanket, binge-watch shamelessly, and make the most of your couch time by checking out the entire first season of Syfy’s The Magicians.

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