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F@%k, Marry, Kill: Fantasy Genre Edition

Are you a nympho for nymphs or nah?

1. Knight, king, or magician:

2. Magic school overachiever, magic school rebel, or magic school queen bee:

3. Teleporter, mind reader, or shapeshifter:

4. Halfling, elf, or genie:

5. Sea deity, moon deity, or sun deity:

6. Fairy, centaur, or mermaid:

7. Mummy, vampire, or witch:

8. Griffin, unicorn, or dragon:

9. Goblin, orc, or troll:

Images provided by Syfy and Getty. Design work by James Devogelear.

Decisions, decisions. For more lovable (and loathable) fantasy characters, check out Season 2 of Syfy’s The Magicians, premiering January 25.

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