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Nail Stamping Accessories You Can NOT Live Without!

Obsessed with your mani? Do your nails at least once a week? You need this stuff!

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If you're anything like me, you gloss over the words and falderal at the beginning of a post like this and think to yourself, "Whatever Buzz...let's get to the goodies already!" Sooooo.....Let's start with polish.

Like stamping? Let's talk stamping plates.

By far, the finest stamping plates I've ever used are made by Ejiubas. Nicely etched, two-sided plates, great variety, and large stamping areas. Nice and crisp!

Available here

Speaking of Bliss Kiss, they make a mat that's the best I've seen. You can practice on it, design and make your own nail wraps, and much more. I especially like the circles at the top that allow you to put out little puddles of polish for dotting, etc.

Finally, once your obsession is taking over your life, you'll need someplace to store all this stuff. This is by far my favorite nail art purchase, hands down! Room for 45 polishes up top, and plenty more below. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

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