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15 Cooking Hacks Every Twentysomething Should Know

Close that delivery app. You'll be cooking like a chef in no time with the help of MAGGI Recipe Bases.

1. Add some fresh veggies to instant noodles for a quick meal.

2. Ripen hard avocados FAST by putting them in a paper bag with a banana overnight.

Because science!

3. Turn a box grater on its side for speedy julienned veggies.

4. To cook the perfect fried egg, crack the egg into a nonstick pan, add a splash of water, and then cover with a lid.

5. And if you run out of room on the stovetop, use your oven to cook up big batches of crispy bacon.

6. Lightly spray your measuring spoon with a neutral oil to stop syrupy things like honey from sticking to it.

7. Once pasta is cooked and drained, finish it off by adding it to the sauce and cooking for another minute or so.

8. Boost the flavour of rice and grains by cooking them in stock instead of water.

9. Freeze leftover liquids (like tomato paste, coconut milk, and pestos) in ice cube trays.

10. Keep washed herbs fresher for longer by wrapping them in a slightly damp paper towel in a plastic bag and storing in the fridge.

11. Invest in a collection of dried herbs and spices. They'll last you for ages.

12. Separate egg yolks using an empty water bottle.

13. Use a nonstick muffin tray to bake mini breakfast quiches for those mornings on the run.

14. Keep the hairy root of the onion intact while dicing to make it easier to handle.

It should minimise your tears too.

15. And to soften the pungent flavour of raw onions, try soaking them in some cold water.

This cooking-at-home thing doesn't have to be hard. Make your meals fresh and fast with MAGGI Recipe Bases.

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