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    Actress Sinchana Gowda Saavu In Love Interview

    She’s not put a foot wrong past one year. Be it Saavu in Love or Popcorn Monkey Tiger, she has gone from strength to strength and has delivered one blockbuster after another. Carrying more than the share devoted to leading ladies and contributing immensely to their success. Is she the next female superstar?

    She’s happy to let people speculate and busy leading a fulfilled life on all fronts. The tags and the accolades don’t matter to her. In her heart, she remains a simple girl in love with life… and with movies… Excerpts from an interview with India’s current sweetheart, Sinchana Gowda…

    What keeps you so grounded?

    Actress Sinchana Gowda
    Actress Sinchana Gowda / Via Facebook: imsinchana

    I’ve always believed that success is temporary. So enjoy it till it lasts. It’s me today; it will be someone else tomorrow. That’s how this business works. One needs to stay balanced. If you enjoy your work, the rest happens on its own.

    It looked like you did a lot of prep for your character...

    As actors we usually go to a set with some preparation. But with Sanjayji, I realised that the less you prepare the better it is. He’d tweak the dialogue a bit and do something new and exciting in the spur of the moment. With Sanjayji, you should go like a clean slate so that you can write the way he wants you to.

    Actress Sinchana Gowda
    Actress Sinchana Gowda / Via Facebook: imsinchana

    She adds: "I like to keep surprising myself -- 'am I really doing this?' It's wonderful when you can surprise yourself. I am grateful. People are seeing me in different characters and it is not easy but I am doing it," says the actress, who made her acting debut with Kannada film "Saavu in Love" in 2020.

    The actress, who is called "madam" by her fans, is aware that people around the country have watched her work through dubbed films. It makes her feel more confident about the fact that film lovers are watching content across the country, irrespective of language barrier.

    She adds: "People are watching good content and not just national cinema anymore. I am craving to do better work in any language and it's not that I am from South, so I should be doing only South Indian films or if I am doing Sandalwood, then I would do only Sandalwood films. Now the barriers are breaking and I just want to be part of good films. People loving me came with the films I chose, and I hope that a lot more people love me with the work I do."