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    May 3, 2017

    Dupont Circle- The Coolest Community In DC?

    The area of Washington, DC called Dupont Circle is a vibrant community. It has a famous park right in the middle with the Dupont Circle fountain. There are restaurants and shops galore where families and friends can go for a day of fun or night on the town. Dupont Circle as a whole is very community oriented. The various events held in Dupont Circle really bring all demographics of residents together as a community. Read on to learn more about the Dupont Circle community!

    1. The Fountain

    An image from Visit Washington DC. / Via

    At the center of Dupont Circle is the circular park with the famous fountain at the center. The circle park, more specifically the fountain, is the epicenter of community interaction in Dupont. Residents and visitors go there to hang out and and really engage in their environment. On any given day you can go and find a whole bunch of different people together in the same place. The park is such a classic way to bring people together!

    2. The Pride Parade

    Capital Pride Alliance / Via

    The Pride Parade is an annual parade thrown by the Capital Pride Alliance to increase awareness for the LGBTQ+ community in DC. Every year the citizens of Dupont and thousands of other spectators come together to line the streets and celebrate the LGBTQ+ equality movement. Annually, the Capital Pride Alliance works with the Dupont neighborhood to plan the event. Therefore, Dupont citizens can be as active as they want in the planning process. Click here to see a what a typical pride parade is like!

    3. The Fresh Farm Market

    Visit Washington DC / Via

    Every Sunday Fresh Farm Market sells fresh, local food on 20th Street. The whole community comes together to shop and to support local farms. It has fresh berries, bright red tomatoes, the greenest veggies. The market is very popular among residents not only in Dupont Circle, but also among all of DC. Let's be honest- Who doesn't love fresh fruit?

    4. The Dupont Current

    ISSUU / Via

    The Dupont Current is Dupont Circle's own weekly newspaper that circulates around the community. The newspaper mostly focuses on local issues, but it does cover some city wide news. The Dupont Current is a great platform for residents to be informed about their community!

    5. Keep the Streets Golden

    My photo

    Dupont Circle is participating in the Golden Triangle group's "Keep the Streets Golden" campaign to encourage cleanliness in the community. Signs were placed on many trash cans in Dupont Circle so it would be easy for residents to know about and participate in the campaign. Who wouldn't want clean streets?

    6. Halloween Drag Race

    The Inquisitr / Via

    Every year for 30 years drag queens have come from all over the country to run down the streets of Dupont Circle around Halloween. Basically, a bunch of men (and women!) come together in creative costumes to run down the street of Dupont Circle in heels on Halloween. This amazing tradition brings together the LGBT+ community and the Dupont Circle community in fun ways. What a fun and inclusive community tradition!

    7. Vowelless Titles

    BGR and GRK / Via

    These popular Dupont Circle restaurants are only two of the many vowelless places in the area. GRK is short for Fresh Greek while BGR is short for burger. There are also convenience stores and more that don't have vowels in their names. See the trend? After a while, the whole community feels like alphabet soup!

    1. So, does Dupont Circle sound like a great community?

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      Let us know what you think of Dupont Circle!

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