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Does SoulCycle Live Up To The Hype?

The be determined. Orangetheory? SLT? Ripped? Core Lab? FlyWheel? I've tried them all on my quest for fitness fun, but SoulCycle captured my soul. At first I was skeptical like most beginners. I never imagined I would be trying the "trendy," "cult-like," spin class that was all the rage in Westchester County. It wasn't until I was dragged there by a friend, that I became infatuated. My eyes were opened to the world of SoulCycle. I remember walking into the all white studio for the first time, I was nervous. My palms were sweaty and I felt beads of sweat form at my hairline. Why was I nervous? Why was I bugging out before the class even started? I soon realized that Soul is not just a forty-five minute spin class, but it is a lifestyle.

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10. Soul Lifestyle

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The "Soul Lifestyle," is all about taking those forty-five minutes out of your day and connecting with your body and the music. The goal is to clear your mind and leave the toxicity from the outside world at the door. Forget about the drama, forget about your job, forget about school. Live in the moment.

9. Community

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The reason why SoulCycle is stereotyped as a cult-like workout class is because they emphasize the Soul community. SoulCycle is an extremely popular workout class because everyone who is part of it wants to be there. The second you walk through the white doors you can feel the passion and motivation as people strap on their spin shoes. This community has transformed me into a workout fanatic and sparked a personal interest in fitness and health.

8. Experience

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Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a dark room. You are surrounded by dimly lit vanilla candles. This is the vibe of SoulCycle. Yes, you will be drenched in your own sweat, but the music will be bumping, the lights will be off and everyone is riding to the rhythm in a unified form. There is truly no other experience like it. You can feel the constant energy and excitement from start to finish of each class. There is a huge adrenaline rush and by the time the class is over you are left wanting more...

7. The Clothes

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People always assume SoulCycle is a large clique because everyone buys the clothes, but that is a false assumption. SoulCycle does partnerships with other athletic brands to make you feel sexy as you sweat. Recently they paired up with LuLu Lemon, Free City and Champion. The SoulCycle apparel is extremely cool and I personally know people that are not athletic, but would kill to purchase these clothes.

6. Instructors

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Every SoulCycle instructor is fit and cares about YOU. Yes, they may scream and yell and turn up your resistance, but at the end of the day they are only doing it to help you. They also become life-long friends that share workout tips, music and healthy-eating advice.

5. Moitvation


Everywhere you look and listen something or someone is always motivating you. When you read the words, "Athlete", "Legend," and "Warrior," displayed or hear the instructor tell you to "Turn it Up" or "Tap it Back," there is always someone there adding encouragement.

4. The Impact on Your Body


There has been a lot of speculation that SoulCycle doesn't actually do anything for your body. People say it is a great workout, but supposedly they don't see results after the fact. These people are wrong. When I started my Soul Journey two years ago I did SoulCycle two weeks straight before heading back to college and I lost seven pounds. SEVEN POUNDS PEOPLE...that's a lot.

3. Music


The music at SoulCycle is always fire. Whether it is a hip-hop themed class with Taye in Scarsdale or a Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez ride in Greenwich, the instructors always have top of the line music. Based on my Soul experience to be a good instructor you also have to be an AMAZING DJ.

2. Cleanliness

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I am a huge germaphobe and one of my biggest fears was working out in someone else's sweat, but I can honestly say without a doubt that each SoulCycle is BEYOND clean. If you wanted to you could lick the floors. I have even showered at some SoulCycle studios in New York City before going to work and they are VERY nice and VERY clean.

1. No Better Feeling

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Walking out of my first class I realized there was no better post-workout feeling. I had never sweat that much EVER. There was something about riding in that dark room that made me feel comfortable and I could just let loose. I walked out a little taller, a little more confident and WAY more excited to book my next class.

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