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Which DP Hookup Did You Do?

DP has their fair share of hookups... which one did you double dip into?

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  1. How'd you 2 meet?

    During our dorm's orientation!
    After you stole him from his date at date party (oops)
    Just trying to be friendly neighbors and make some friends!
    I didn't really meet him... he just kinda showed up
    He thought you were a hot piece of ass and got your number from a mutual friend
  2. What was your pickup line?

    Honestly I blacked and don't even remember saying anything to him... just him being very close to my face
    You thought you were hot shit and chugged a bottle of Andre in front of him at the pregame
    I literally didn't even say anything!!!! He just followed me!
    "Wanna see me shotgun this beer? I'm such a fratstar"
    Show me a good time and maybe I'll give you the time of day
  3. What were you doing the night in question to meet your hookup?

    New Years Eve baby!!!!!!
    It was date party, my date left me, so the only reasonable explanation is to steal someone else's right?
    Literally I just wanted to go to bed
    Being a sad girl
    On the prowl at a Nage
  4. Who made the first move?

    He did. He followed me up to my room and proceed to bang on my door like it was some Romeo and Juliet shit
    I guess I did because I showed up drunk as shit to his house
    It was a set up (or was it fate?)
    He was impressed with my beer-drinking skills so he made his move
  5. What'd you end up doing that night ;)

    Sat on his lap in his room while all his roommates AND my roommates watched a movie... and then you know ;)
    Left during the middle of the party and in the middle of doing the nasty his cat walked in on us... talk about a buzzkill
    After his ex-girlfriend bitched him out, you proceeded to go home with him and have continued this situation for the past 6 months... hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
    He leaned in for the kiss and I swerved so hard and then broke his heart in a million pieces by telling him I had a boyfriend. And now I see him everyday. My luck
    Couldn't really tell ya. Woke up with throw up all my shirt and a headache. Now he wants to take me to formal. Dammit I wish I remembered what happened that night

Which DP Hookup Did You Do?

You got: Random Theta Chi Boy

Although you didn't actually hook up with him, your hotness reeled him and made him want you more than ever. Good for you for standing firm because no one wants a creeper...

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You got: That Boy Who You Can't Stop Hooking Up With Because He Lives The Floor Below You

You tell your friends time and time again, this time was the last time, but dammit you always go back. Call it desperate, call it true love, call it whatever you want but you got a hit and now you can't quit

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You got: The Neighbor Boy Who Honestly Is One Snap Away From Getting A Restraining Order

Girl, we get it. You hooked up a couple times but it ended because boys are the worst. But the drunk snapping has got to stop. We get it he was good in bed but seriously, you are one step away from being on the "to watch" list

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You got: That Frat Douchebag Who Doesn't Even Go Here

HE LITERALLY DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE. But you're obsessed and it's fine. So what you can't get the $20 he stole from you because he lives in a different state but hey, at least he's in the top frat at his school

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You got: The RA...

Maybe you hooked up with him in the elevator, in the hallway, in his room, or in your room. We aren't really sure. But what is confirmed is that you were just really close to his face at one point. Real close.

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