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    Here's 30 Things All World Travelers Must Do At EPCOT's World Showcase

    Add these wanderlusty must-do's to your Disney bucket list.

    1) Take a pic at this wall - Morocco Pavilion

    2) Learn the legends behind powerful Norse gods inside a stave church replica at the "Gods of the Vikings" exhibit - Norway Pavilion

    3) Take advantage of an affordable (by Disney standards) three course meal at Les Chefs de France - France Pavilion

    4) Hit up the Rose and Crown for a Black and Tan - U.K. Pavilion

    5) Grab an Avocado Margarita and feast on queso, guac, and salsa combos at La Cava del Tequila - Mexico Pavilion

    6) Go all out 'Murican at "Voices of America" - United States of America Pavilion

    7) Revel in some authentic, non-Disney merchandise at Mitsukoshi - Japan Pavilion

    8) Sip on Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Beer - Germany Pavilion

    9) Stand in awe underneath Tsimshian artist David Boxley's handcrafted masterpieces, The Whale Totem Pole and The Eagle Totem Pole - Canada Pavilion

    10) Get married - Canada, U.K., Italy, China, Japan, Morocco, France, and American Adventure Pavilions

    11) Dine with Disney royalty in true princess fashion - Norway Pavilion

    12) Get lost along Venetian canals - Italy Pavilion

    13) Nosh on ice cream macarons at L' Artisan des Glaces - France Pavilion

    14) Go full Thrones and check out your family crest at "The Crown and Crest" - U.K. Pavilion

    15) Turn your hands into art with henna tattoos - Morocco Pavilion

    16) Snap a picture at this bridge by the International Gateway - Between UK & France Pavilions

    17) Cozy up to a nice plate of prosciutto, then wash it down with a wine flight at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar - Italy Pavilion

    18) Headbang to British Revolution as they cover Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and more - U.K. Pavilion

    19) Celebrate El Día de los Muertos with Donald & friends - Mexico Pavilion

    20) Explore the Canadian Rockies - Canada Pavilion

    21) Wander around the Forbidden City - China Pavilion

    22) Rendezvous with The Evil Queen, Megara, Captain Jack, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier and other rare characters - Various Pavilions

    23) Sake bomb your cash away - Japan Pavilion

    24) Have your mind bent by the amazing acrobatics of Jeweled Dragon Acrobats - China Pavilion

    25) Prepare for a proper teatime - U.K. Pavilion

    26) Become entranced by the art of bellydancing at Restaurant Marrakesh - Morocco Pavilion

    27) Feel the beat with the Matsuriza Taiko drummers - Japan Pavilion

    28) Smother something in Werther's Caramel . . . - Germany Pavilion

    29) . . . or get a pretzel the size of your head - Germany Pavilion

    30) Celebrate our world with "Illuminations - Reflections of Earth" - World Showcase Lagoon