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7 Basics To Make Your Bedroom Look Like It Jumped Off Of A Pinterest Board

If you suffer from Pinterest envy when it comes to decor, use these quintessential basics to cure your affliction.

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1. The Bed!

A low bed in a small-ish room gives the illusion of a larger, airier space. All you need is a box spring (which you can find at walmart), a comfy mattress (Ikea has some decent, comfortable ones for cheap) and if you're into extra cloud-like comfort you can add a memory foam.

Via Flickr: sfgirlbybay

Effortless wall decor should be your go-to option. It's easy to create, easy to personalize and extremely easy to switch around. You can LITERALLY give your bedroom a different look as frequently as you'd like for a paltry price.

Check out more pictures for this decor style, here.

So, get on it and dream on in your very own Pinterest perfect bedroom!

If you're crazy about home decor and the aesthetics of it all, feel free to mosey on over to HERE.

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