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Why You HAVE To Come Tour The New Jacobs Science Building Before Attending The University Of Kentucky

Read on to find out why the new Jacobs Science Building is so exciting. DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is strictly for entertainment purpose. The opinions in no way reflect the opinions of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. Laughing, giggling, smiling, chuckling and snickering are highly encouraged.

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So you're pretty sure you want to attend the University of Kentucky, right? You love the new dorms. You love the beautiful campus. And you LOVE UK Basketball (Go Cats!). But you're not getting the full prospective student experience until you've toured the new Jacobs Science Building.

Here's a few reasons why you need to take the tour.


1. The Jacobs Science Building (or JSB for short) is surrounded by some of the nicest greenery on campus. Benches are located on every side of the building for students to enjoy the view on warm spring days or to watch students sledding in front of Willy T on the occasional snow day.

2. The building was built with students in mind, so there are multiple study rooms on each level. You can either reserve these rooms ahead of time, or use them freely after normal class hours. This offers a quieter and distraction free alternative to studying at Willy T.

3.As a prospective student in the College of Arts & Sciences, you will probably be taking a least a few classes in JSB. Don't miss the chance to get a glimpse of your potentially future classrooms! There's even viewing areas in the lecture halls to quietly view the hall without disrupting the students or professor.

4. The laboratory rooms are custom built to the students' needs. Some lab rooms are standing only while others have chairs and lower desks for labs where students will be sitting most of the time. UK professors assisted in the design for these labs to ensure their students are receiving the best possible lab experience.

5. There are so many more things that can't be put into words. Come on a tour to see for yourself!


The Jacobs Science Building completed in October of 2016. It houses the College of Arts & Sciences and is conveniently located between Hilltop Avenue and Huguelet Drive across from the William T. Young Library.

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