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    Women Are Sharing The Things They Wish All Women Knew But Are Rarely Taught, And Their Advice Is So Eye-Opening

    I'm so here for all of this advice.

    Recently over on r/AskReddit, u/ej1273 asked, "Women of Reddit, what’s something every girl should know but is rarely taught?"

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    And let me tell you, these women delivered! From life advice to little hacks that just make being a woman a little bit easier, here are 22 things women think all other women should know:

    1. "There is no shame in doing a pregnancy test. In fact, if something is weird with your hormones/body that you haven't experienced much before, it's always better to do a test just to be sure. Even if it's unlikely you are pregnant, if there is any likelihood at all, just do the test and be sure."

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    "I heard of it so many times at this point that even fully grown women hesitate (sometimes for weeks!) to do a test. It is agony to have that creeping doubt. Every contraceptive can fail, and it's much better to know early and have all the options. On that same note: Cheap pregnancy tests work exactly the same and are just as effective as expensive pregnancy tests. I keep a multipack of cheap stick tests just to be sure."


    2. "It's okay to be rude if someone won't leave you alone. You don't owe anyone your time or energy."

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    3. "Magnesium helps with period cramps when taken as a daily vitamin."

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    4. "Your tummy will look different throughout the day. Usually, it gets larger and smaller post-meal and from varying gas amounts. It’s OK. They’re made to protect organs; anyway, they don’t have to be as flat as a door."

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    5. "Honestly, sewing and altering clothes — not for gendered reasons, but because our clothes often times fit irregularly. A size 12 in one brand will fit completely differently from a size 12 in a different brand."

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    "You can also learn how to sew larger pockets into your pants."


    6. "Lactating women do not have just one stream of breast milk that comes out of the middle part of the areola."

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    "It all looks a bit more like a watering can. You have multiple ducts where milk is released. Adding on to this, people need to understand a bit more about the basics of human lactation. How it works, what is normal/abnormal, and where to reach out for help, and to do so the second you have questions. Lactation issues are much easier to correct the sooner you get help." 


    7. "Don't hold different standards for yourself that you wouldn't hold for the ones you care about."

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    8. "Take action and make yourself your first priority. If your gut is telling you that a guy/a group is making you uncomfortable, excuse yourself accordingly, and don’t underestimate your gut. If you think your period has started and/or leaked, don’t wait and check. Road trip and need to use the restroom? Due to our lack of water pistols, please stop at a gas station."

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    9. "Keep a rainy day fund that is independent of your relationship money. You may never need it, but it’s excellent to have when you need it."

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    10. "'No' is a complete answer, and it doesn’t need explanation or justification."

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    11. "Ladies when you go for a pap smear, they 'guess' the size of the speculum they need to use on you based on your height. It shouldn't be painful, and you can ask for a smaller one if it hurts. They just don't offer that info out!"

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    12. "Don’t waste time with people who don’t love you all of the time. Friends, boys, and even family. Don’t be a guest star in your own life!"

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    13. "If a doctor quickly dismisses your extreme menstrual pain (or any type of pain for that matter) as being ‘normal’ or that you’re too ‘sensitive,’ try to seek a second opinion."

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    14. "Just because a person doesn't put hands on you, that doesn't mean they aren't abusive. Abuse is control, manipulation, blatant disrespect, and also hurtful words. Don't settle for emotional and mental abuse, thinking it's okay because it's not physical."

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    15. "Society will tell you that men are allowed to be mad, but women that are mad are crazy. You are entitled to a full spectrum of human emotion."

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    16. "Things that are typically aimed at boys: changing tires or oil in a car and using tools around the house. There is an unbelievable satisfaction in being able to say to a man, 'No, it’s fine, I know how to do it.'"

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    17. "We need to start talking about abortion. You’re not a bad person for terminating a pregnancy. Your partner should never coerce or force you to get one. [Talk about] how to make the choice rationally, and also how to heal after. Some people will feel comfortable in their decision, and some will grieve. Neither is wrong."

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    18. "Your vaginal discharge is slightly acidic to help kill off bacteria. This is why your underwear may gradually get little holes forming in the gusset."

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    19. My grandma told me, 'You don’t need a man to take care of you. You also don’t need a man you have to take care of.'"

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    20. "Every woman should be taught about the full pregnancy experience BEFORE they get pregnant, if possible. We take more time going over surgical complications, but not once was I taught the PERMANENT changes pregnancy has on your body, let alone the true extent of giving birth and full range of complications."

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    "I got screamed at by a group of mothers once when I told them I taught my students about pregnancy and what can happen. Their exact words were, 'You don’t tell anyone what pregnancy is like before you get pregnant!' Excuse me? I wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. I wouldn’t get surgery without knowing the risks. They tell us how to protect ourselves in the unlikely event of an airplane crash. It’s no wonder women get anxious about [being] pregnant." 


    21. "Wanting to become a mother does not make you less committed to your career. Take the full 12 weeks of maternity leave. The work will always be there."

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    22. "I feel like we’re taught to be polite and sweet and not to put ourselves forward. I’ve doubted so much of what I’ve achieved in life, and I still struggle to recognize the things I’m good at, because it’s not polite for girls to have confidence in things. I look back and am so sad for how much harder I’ve made things for myself for just not having self-belief, and the shitty behavior I’ve accepted from people."

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    Do you have anything you wish all women would know? Share your advice in the comments!