This Woman With A Stutter Is Going Viral After Filming Herself Ordering At A Drive-Thru, And Her Videos Are Raising Awareness About The Disorder

    "Please bear with me, I do have a stammer and my order is quite a mouthful."

    Have you ever considered what it takes to order a coffee from a drive-thru? For a lot of people, the most difficult part is the decision between hot or iced, oat or almond milk. But for Georgia Scott, ordering is just one of many things in life that take a little more time and focus.

    Georgia has been living with a stutter since she was 5 years old. Now, she's using her TikTok account to show how everyday tasks can be different for people like her.

    Stuttering, or stammering as it is commonly referred to in the UK where Georgia is from, is a speech disorder that affects the fluency and normal flow of speech.

    Many people who stutter often face anxiety when it comes to speaking, and a stutter can change depending on different social situations. It's also important to note that people who stutter know what they want to say but have a hard time physically saying it. 

    In a now-viral series, Georgia chronicles everything from getting coffee from drive-thrus to ordering a meal in a silent train car.


    Come get a iced oat milk latte with sugar free vanilla syrup with me… 🧊😅☕️ #costa #costadrivethru #stammer #stammering #speaking #speakingchallenge

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    In some of her videos, she tells the person working at the drive-thru that she has a stutter and asks them to bear with her while she orders.

    Georgia told Buzzfeed that she decided to start posting TikToks about stuttering after having a few bad mental health days.

    When asked in a comment why she doesn't just avoid the drive-thrus and use an app to order her food instead, Georgia said that while those solutions can be a great alternative, she prefers to face up to speaking situations to avoid falling into a pattern of isolation.

    Georgia said that things like ordering a coffee, speaking to family members, attending work meetings with a lot of small talk, answering the phone and going to the post office are among the daily tasks she finds challenging.

    Georgia with the caption "Going to the hairdressers is supposed to be fun but I find it so hard"

    There is an overlap between stuttering and anxiety in social situations.

    Many people who have a stutter try to avoid situations that involve new people and small talk because they don't want to be judged.

    Outside of discussing the impacts on her mental health, Georgia also uses her account to answer questions people have about stuttering and provide advice on ways to make someone who stutters feel comfortable in social situations.

    Georgia says good eye contact, not finishing the person's sentences, and avoiding negative language helps

    In response to her series, some people who have a stutter say that Georgia's videos have helped them feel less alone.

    One person says "I wish I could write an essay in the comments on how thankful I am to have found your account. I finally feel seen . Thank you [heart emoji]

    Others say that her TikToks are inspiring them to overcome their anxiety around stuttering.

    Georgia said the response to her videos has been more than she could have ever imagined. "Once upon a time, I was so embarrassed about my stammer. I was in complete denial about how much it impacted my life," she told BuzzFeed. "I could never, ever have imagined that this would be something I would achieve."

    "It's more than okay to stammer," Georgia said. "It makes you you. So many good traits can be gained through living with a stammer."

    "You can be self-accepting and you can choose to help yourself," she told BuzzFeed. "You don’t have to suffer in silence."

    You can follow Georgia on TikTok and Instagram to learn more about stuttering awareness.