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    People Are Sharing Who They Think Should Host The 2022 Oscars, And TBH, They Might Be Onto Something

    What do we have to do to get someone from Sucession to host?

    The Oscars are looking for a host for the 2022 ceremonies.

    Academy Awards/

    It'll be the first time the show has had a host since 2018! Previous hosts have included celebs like Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Rock, and Hugh Jackman.

    Hugh Grant singing and dancing as host on the left, Chris Rock hosting in the middle, and Jimmy Kimmel hosting on the right
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    Kevin Hart was the planned host for the 2019 ceremony, but he stepped down from the gig when some of his old tweets featuring homophobic language resurfaced. The show has gone without a host since. 

    While there are lots of rumors that they've tapped either Tom Holland or Pete Davidson for the honor, nothing's official yet.

    Tom smiling at an event on the left and Pete smiling and holding a blunt on the red carpet on the right
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    So, naturally, people have taken to Twitter to tell the Academy who they believe should nab the coveted gig.

    Hypothetically, if we asked you who would you want to host the Oscars, and this is strictly hypothetical, who would it hypothetically be?

    Twitter: @TheAcademy

    And man, have they gotten creative with their picks!

    STX Entertainment/

    From Jennifer Aniston in her camera-ready Morning Show role to the Nasonex bee, here are 20 of the funniest characters and celebs people think should host the 2022 Oscars:

    1. The iconic host of "Shut Up and Listen," Ms. Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries:

    I hear we're looking for an Oscar's host. Might I put forward a candidate...

    Twitter: @missabowbissa/Disney

    2. The trio of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez from Only Murders in the Building (in character, of course):

    They should host The Oscars. They’d be great and it’s smart synergy for ABC/Hulu.

    Twitter: @pmiscove/Hulu

    3. The enormous (and tbh, very creepy) doll from Squid Game:

    In a radical reimagining, the Academy has found its ’22 Oscar host.

    Twitter: @ChrisEigeman/Netflix

    4. Kendall Roy from Succession, because if he can't run Waystar Royco, then at least give him something:


    Twitter: @filmsudeikis/HBO

    5. And if not Kendall, might we suggest Succession's power couple, Tom and Greg:

    Tom & Greg from Succession should host the Oscars and no one else

    Twitter: @xthevideostorex/HBO

    6. This cohosting duo from season 2 of The Morning Show:

    washing our hands on the oscars show

    Twitter: @ceokitvoss/Apple TV

    7. The cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in case the showrunners are going for a sarcastic vibe:

    Twitter: @vivelefilms/FX

    8. The throat singing guy from Dune could give the ceremony an interesting musical edge:

    Let the throat singing Sardaukar guy from Dune host the Oscars.

    Twitter: @Geniusbastard

    9. The Nasonex bee, who probably has a lot of TV experience from starring in all of those commercials:

    BREAKING: They have chosen the bee from those Nasonex commercials to be the host of the 2022 Oscars!

    Twitter: @ChrisLivesMas

    10. Kermit the Frog, who is clearly already prepping for the role in his tux:

    Twitter: @HistoryMuppet

    11. This duo from Pen15, because we all just want this show to live on forever:

    Twitter: @TomZohar/Hulu

    12. The lamb from Lamb:

    Twitter: @TataChips86 / A24

    13. Not sure what kind of mood this pair from one of 2021's biggest memes would set, but I'd be interested:

    Twitter: @alexstoptalking

    14. Fan favorites Elmo and Rocko, just to up the drama:

    Elmo and Rocco should host the Oscars together.

    Twitter: @Binzimation

    15. The rather dapper Planters Peanuts man:

    Twitter: @musicalmanpod

    16. Che Diaz, the controversial new character from And Just Like That...:

    BREAKING: Che Diaz To Host 2022 Oscars

    Twitter: @azalben / HBO

    17. This chipper pair from Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar:

    actually they NEED to host the oscars in character

    Twitter:@RealMattGannon / Lionsgate / Alamy

    18. If it's Jason Derulo, somebody better make sure the set doesn't have any stairs:

    the host of this years oscar’s will be jason derulo as he falls down the stairs of the met gala

    Twitter: @ilhoena

    19. I'd be 100% okay with Pete and Timothée accepting cohosting honors, but only if they do it as their characters from this Saturday Night Live sketch:

    These guys host the Oscars. Who says no?

    Twitter: @MitchMcGrew / NBC

    20. And last but certainly not least, the Rose family, because what situation couldn't benefit from the inclusion of our fave Schitt's Creek-ers?

    The Rose family from @SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @StephanieJBlock

    Any other characters you'd like to nominate for the coveted gig? Let us know in the comments!