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People Are Sharing The Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said, And Now I'm Sleeping With One Eye Open

"I used to be a grandma, but then I died. Then the doctor took the dirt out of my mouth and now I'm Josie."

During my daily Twitter scroll, I came across this tweet from @LillahSturges.

What’s the eeriest thing a child has ever said to you? When my daughter was around 4-5, she calmly insisted that she had once been married to a man named Brad Huffington. When we asked what had happened to him she replied with a note of sadness, “He was lost at sea.”

Twitter: @LilahSturges

I mean, instant chills, right?

More people began chiming in with some seriously spooky things kids have said to them, and not gonna lie, some of them are low-key terrifying.

No seriously, this is what I looked like the whole time I was reading this thread:

Here are 26 other incredibly creepy things kids have said to their parents, from mysteriously knowing things about their long-deceased relatives to sharing very specific details about their past lives:

1. This child who apparently knows exactly what his mom is dreaming about:

@LilahSturges My 3yo, laughing early one morning when I woke up with him, “Mommy is flying in the kitchen.” My wife, waking up for the day 30 minutes later, “I just had one of those dreams where I left my body. I flew dwnstairs into the kitchen.”

Twitter: @willc

2. This child who might just be his parent's best friend reincarnated:

@LilahSturges My bestie died suddenly when I was 28. It was a complete shock and I'm still shook... about 6 years ago my then 3 year old asked me a lot of questions about what I did before he was born. Middle of answering he says "Yeah, I remember. We were best friends weren't we?"

Twitter: @KowMark

3. This child who has an eerie recollection of a tragedy:

@LilahSturges I was showing my then 3yo son pictures of family. When we got to a picture of my father. My son said "I didn't get burned". My father died in a fire the day before my son was born.

Twitter: @Dane17Great

4. This child who might be able to see dead people:

@LilahSturges My daughter, at 4, was looking out the window and asked "where are all those people walking to". I turned to look and she was pointing to an empty cemetary.

Twitter: @beaglephd

5. This child who has sweet memories of his namesake:

@LilahSturges When my son was around 4 or 5 he said “Do you remember back when I was big and you were little and we used to eat lunch by the river?” He’s named after my grandfather who used to take me to the river for picnics.

Twitter: @reneestewart_13

6. This child who had a devastating premonition:

@LilahSturges When my sister was 2, my mom heard her crying in another room. She went to see why she was upset and saw her holding a toy phone to her ear. When asked, my sister said she was crying bc she was “telling daddy goodbye.” She was inconsolable. He died by suicide 2 days later.

Twitter: @MeliaPomene

7. This child who revealed he must have been British in a past life:

@LilahSturges When my son was 4, he saw a picture of the Abbey road cover and "look Mom that's old timey London." When I asked how he knew, he said "Because of the time I tried to make a left turn but the train was there. That was with my other family." 😬😬😬

Twitter: @la_belle_laide

8. This child who gave her mom a crucial warning:

@LilahSturges My child was about 5, and when I was dropping her off at daycare she grabbed my face with both hands and said “momma. Be careful” with a very serious face. I got into a car accident about 10 minutes later.

Twitter: @TeresaMarieR

9. This child who had some unwelcome roommates:

@LilahSturges @LouisatheLast My daughter, at 4, called me into her room at 1 AM and told me she couldn't sleep because she was worried about the boy in the corner. She pointed to the corner and said, "Look at his eyes, Mommy. I think he's really sick. Can you hear his mother crying?" 👀

Twitter: @Murbrum

10. This child who was apparently being parented by a ghost:

@LilahSturges I was upstairs getting laundry together. My daughter was 2 or 3, she came in and looked confused. I asked what was wrong she said she said she had been in the basement with "the other mama" 😳

Twitter: @clairhooker

11. This child who was the first to know her mom was pregnant:

@LilahSturges My daughter (3) pointed at my boobs one afternoon and said “those are for milk.” I said they used to be when she was a baby but not anymore, and she said “no, they are again.” And then two days later found out I was pregnant.

Twitter: @BreeanaFlannery

12. This child who knew the name of the twin that his mother miscarried:

@LilahSturges When my son was 2, he was playing in his room, when I hear him say, "Sorry, you can't live here. You were never alive Emma". The freakiest thing about that, was ai miscarried his twin, that I had picked the name Emma for.

Twitter: @Kelenawigginout

13. This child having his very first existential crisis:

@LilahSturges My son was 4 when he asked “How do I know I am who I am? I don’t understand who I am. I know my name, but how did I get THIS body??” 😳

Twitter: @jpc0621

14. This child who recounted their past life in vivid detail:

@LilahSturges On the way home from daycare, my 3 year old got sad and said she had a bad day. Why? "Because I used to be a grandma, but then I died. Then the doctor took the dirt out of my mouth and now I'm Josie." Started a year of her telling us about her life as a South American grandma.

Twitter: @Erica_Squires

15. This child who might have been a passenger on the Titanic in a past life:

@LilahSturges I heard someone tell a story about how her daughter was born really close to the anniversary of the titanic. While giving her a bath around like 3 she said, "I was in water like this once. It was really cold and I couldn't keep swimming."

Twitter: @TheEnbyWitch1

16. This child who inexplicably could carry an entire conversation in French:

@LilahSturges My son was 6 or so and we were doing a tour of the high school his older brother was to attend. Went into a class room and the teacher said “Bonjour”, he then started up a conversation with her in French, we were like what is he saying. He was telling her about skiing holidays.

Twitter: @ShellieK4

17. This child who apparently stepped through a wall into a whole new life:

@LilahSturges My now 8yr old son used to tell us all about his past life. Like as soon as he could talk, very consistent and detailed including names of his family. He said one day they all got sick and he stepped through a wall and I was his new mommy.

Twitter: @TaylorSchroeter

18. This child who saw bloody people in his sister's mirror:

@LilahSturges Me and my friend we’re getting ready for a Halloween dance at our school and had fake blood on and my brother (3 at the time) told us we looked like “Tommy.” We asked who Tommy was and where he lived and he said “the guy in there” and pointed straight into my mirror

Twitter: @lexieelleart

19. This child who gave her mom a creepy prediction:

@LilahSturges Our 13yr old dog just had emergency surgery, and we explained how relieved that she is still with us. My four year old said something about she won’t die yet. I’m like, what do you mean? “It’ll be in 132 sleeps”. 😟 I recorded the date, so we shall see.

Twitter: @ErinaceousErin

20. This child who told his family that he died in a fire:

@GirlsGoneChild @LilahSturges @quinncy until my son was about 3, he used to casually refer to "the last time I was alive" and things he used to do or people he knew. once he said "i died in a fire...ugh, i did not like that." eventually this stopped lol

Twitter: @blanketboat

21. This child whose friendships truly came full circle:

@LilahSturges My toddler starts sobbing uncontrollably. I rush in, ask him what’s wrong, he says, ‘I miss my old friends!’ And tells me about his BFFs, two old men, and all about their lives. He was inconsolable! Next week at daycare, he meets two boys who’ve been his BFFs since (12yrs).

Twitter: @Reilly2020

22. This child who appears to vividly remember their own birth:

@LilahSturges Child, age 4: I remember being born. Parents: Really? Child: It was dark like in a suitcase and then it was unzipped and it was too bright! Parents: 😳 Ladies & gentlemen, it was in fact a c-section.

Twitter: @BreadConquerer

23. This child who spoke to a mysterious man living in their attic:

@LilahSturges I once had a babysitter refuse to ever come to my house again after she heard my then-3 yr old chatting w/ “the man who lives in the attic” Years later, same house, an Uber driver picks me up & says he used to live in our house. Then he asks me “Does that ghost still live here”

Twitter: @TheMaryFox

24. This child who was being visited by the ghost of her grandfather:

@LilahSturges My daughter would stand up in her crib and wave and say “hi see saw!” on a regular basis. One day she saw an old photo of my recently passed grandfather as a young man. She got really excited and yelled “SEE SAW!!” His name was Cecil.

Twitter: @jessglyons

25. This child who somehow knew her mother's childhood nickname:

@LilahSturges When my daughter was 4 she started calling me tweety bird. my grandma called me that. I hadn’t heard that since my grandmother died when I was 10.

Twitter: @cmarlaf

26. And finally, this child who very lovingly told her mother that she would never harm her:

@LilahSturges I was putting my (then) 3 or 4 year old daughter to bed one night when she gently cupped my face in he little beautiful hands, her big brown doe eye’s lovingly looking into mine and said: ‘Mommy, I would never strangle you.’ 😧

Twitter: @ThisisMyLife960

Have you ever heard a kid say something seriously creepy? Share your stories in the comments!