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10 Things To Know Before You Fitspo

Fitspiration may not be so fitspiring.|| @saynotofitspo on Twitter and on Pinterest

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1. Everyone's body is different. Everyone.

Not everybody was born with the ability to shed weight or gain weight/muscle overnight. Think about your genetics and think about your body type (FYI these women are not the norm!)

2. Most people DO NOT look like that


Not everyone has rock hard abs and a closet full of expensive workout outfits and that is okay! Social media like this is a huge cause of unrealistic body standards , standards that are "almost impossible to achieve for average females" according to an article by Thompson. Do not feel like this is normal because you see it online!

3. People do not show you everything on social media


Fitness models are on Instagram strictly to fitness content. They are not showing you their "behind the scenes". We see them in expensive fitness brands at their private gym in a full face a makeup ready to take pictures. We do not see them after they eat a big meal or when they are living normal lives, nobody looks like that all of the time and that's normal.

4. If it does not motivate you, do not follow it!

It's simple, if the fitspo accounts do not motivate you or make you feel good, do not follow them! You should never feel discouraged by the content you chose to follow! Sometimes you have to #saynotofitspo

5. Waist trainers ARE NOT healthy


According to Jennifer Joy, a diet and fitness expert with a Masters in Exercise Science, " waist trainers show an unquestionable danger to manipulating your shape through force, like corsets in the 'old days'". Celebrities like Amber Rose and the Kardashians get paid by these brands to promote them but that does not necessarily make them healthy.

6. The Photoshop game is strong


Online it is impossible to tell what is real and what is not, which makes it difficult to know if what you are seeing is genuine. "Exposure to manipulated Instagram photos directly leads to lower body image" according to a study done by Kleemans. All it takes is 30 seconds to retouch and alter a picture, add a filter and post. Don't believe everything you see.

8. That means do not push yourself too hard!


Never workout so hard you feel sick and never skip a meal and go hungry! Do not push yourself so hard to achieve anything that you sacrifice your happiness and mental health. It's sooo not worth it. Do you.

9. Never compare yourself

Do not compare yourself to the things you see online. You can never be just like someone else so don't aim for that! Be the best version of yourself and don't feel like you need to change anything.

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