"Arrested Development" Star Tony Hale Tweets At "House Of Cards" And Hilarity Ensues

This Twitter exchange will make you “Red, White, and Blue yourself” all over.

1. Tony Hale, aka Buster Bluth, tweeted about his obsession (and fears revolving around) “House of Cards.”

2. Things only got better when both the official “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” accounts chimed in.

5. Then things got heated.

@arresteddev @MrTonyHale Is Michael Bluth threatening me?

— House of Cards (@HouseofCards)

@HouseofCards @MrTonyHale Well, politicians have a way of disappearing around the Bluths.

— Arrested Development (@arresteddev)

@arresteddev @MrTonyHale Unless you want to end up back in a holding cell, I𠆝 stick to frozen bananas and magic tricks.

— House of Cards (@HouseofCards)

@HouseofCards @MrTonyHale Illusions.

— Arrested Development (@arresteddev)

@arresteddev @HouseofCards True. Time to call one of the Lucilles.

— Tony Hale (@MrTonyHale)

11. Of course, fans from both sides couldn’t resist jumping in on the fun.

@HouseofCards @arresteddev @MrTonyHale this is pretty much the best conversation there has ever been on Twitter.

— Melissa Taylor (@ItsMelTaylor)

@arresteddev @HouseofCards @MrTonyHale haven't you seen Buster's awards from army?!

— Anna Milanollo (@awkwardpinky)

13. OH, BURN.

@arresteddev @HouseofCards @MrTonyHale at least Bluth's know how to play baseball and throw a pitch down the middle

— Bill Chapman (@bucketschapman)

@MrTonyHale @arresteddev @HouseofCards loose seals

— Connor Cole (@connormcole)

@HouseofCards Leave @MrTonyHale alone! He came out a little doughy. @arresteddev

— Brian DiCarlo (@BriDiCarlo)

16. You nailed it, Tony.

FOX / Via gifrific.com

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