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10 Things You Can Discuss With Prospective Students

When you're an Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences at UK, one of the best aspects of the position is meeting with prospective students. You get to share your experience with them firsthand and answer any questions that they may have. However, new Ambassadors may not be sure what to talk about during their first few meetings with prospective students. Here are some ideas!

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1. The Major They're Interested In


Prospective students may not know exactly what they want to go into. But, if they do, be sure to ask about it and give them any additional information about their area of choice.

2. Why the University of Kentucky?


Many students are probably looking at multiple schools, so make sure to be positive (never trash talk another school!). But ask them why they're looking at UK and what they might be looking to get out of a college experience. This is a good time to tell them about all of your favorite things about our school.

3. Why the College of Arts & Sciences?


Besides their major falling under our College, see if they know anything else about A&S. If not, tell them about all the majors and programs that we offer. I always throw in how easy it is to double major or get a minor-- parents love to hear this!

4. Their Hometown


It's always good to know where a prospective student is coming from. If they're out of state, tell them about how connected the UK community is, the fun parts of Lexington, and even the PTS Ride Home Express. If you're both out of state students, share your own experiences!

5. LLPS & Dorm Life

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Prospective students are always very interested in where they will be living while in school. Make sure to tell them about all of the new dorms, the LLPs, and even your own (positive) experiences in on-campus housing!

6. Jacobs' Science Building


If they're thinking of a major in Arts & Sciences, the student will likely have a class at the new Science Building. Tell them about it, and ask them if they've received a tour of it yet. If not, inform them of how they can set one up!

7. Student Involvement


Ask the prospective student about their extracurriculars in high school and what they might be interested in at UK. Try to discuss a club or group that they will be interested in! If you run out of ideas, the service dogs programs are always a hit.

8. Scholarships & Financial Aid


The College of Arts & Sciences (and UK as a whole) offer a wide variety of scholarships. Make sure to let the prospective student know where they can go to look into these. Parents usually have questions about financial aid, too.

10. Why are YOU passionate about the University?


In the end, remember that prospective students are looking to you as a resource. You are close to their age and more relatable than many faculty members. What you say to them about UK and the College of Arts and Sciences will have a lasting impact on their perception of our school. Make sure to let them know why you love it here. If you're enthusiastic about UK, they will be too.

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