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5 Dating Tips For Women

5 dating tips for women

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1. Complete yourself

Do not allow a man to become the centre of your world and never make him your whole life. This might make him lose interest because he might feel smothered. Be the dynamic “you”, who he fell in love with. Have your own interests and make him a part of your life, not your whole life. Do not allow him revolve around all the time. Give yourself some me time and remember that you do not need anyone to complete you. Men are mostly attracted to confident women who are interdependent. Create space for your relationship, work, interests, friends and most importantly for yourself. Do not lose things that are most important to you.

2. Do not overindulge

Let him know you as you are. Do not do something you usually don’t, just because you want to impress me. Be yourself and be confident. If you need to loosen up before going on a date, watch a light hearted comedy, read a good book or take a walk. Also, on a date, order a real dinner that you regularly eat. Do not just settle for a salad or juice or don’t pretend like you are not hungry. Be real and let him accept you for you are.

3. Do not hook up on the first date

Never hook up with any man on the first date, no matter how hot he looks or how interested you are in him. It will make him wonder if you do the same thing with every guy you meet. This also serves as a good way to find out whether he is serious, really interested in you or just looking for some casual fun. You might think that a man will lose interest in you if do not get physical with him, but it’s actually quite the opposite. It is not the deal breaker, at least not every time.

4. Do not call him all the time

Do not consistently call or text him and do not always ask him out. Let him also do his part and let the communication be balanced. Of course, we do not mean that you don’t ever call him at all, but just do not do it all the time. Reach out to him a few times and also let him do the same. Let him do the ask out thing–at least in the early times. There must be a natural balance in communication. Also, it serves the purpose of seeing if he puts in the effort.

5. Not all men are the same

If you have had a bad experience with your ex in the past or your best friend has given you a lot of advice about all men being the same, then NO. All men are not the same. Just because there are a few bad guys out there, you cannot be as judgemental. There are a lot of nice guys out there that you can attract and looking to be indulged in a serious and long term relationship. So never judge before meeting or getting to know him.

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