The Alphabet According To HGTV Addicts

    O is for "open concept," obviously.

    A is for Andromeda Dunker

    B is for Budget

    C is for Charm

    D is for Divorce

    E is for Entertaining Space

    F is for Fireplace

    G is for Granite

    H is for Hardwood Floors

    I is for Interior Design

    J is for Joanna Gaines

    K is for Kitchen

    L is for Location

    M is for Moving

    Something couples can never agree on. For such a big life change, you'd think a couple who had been together over 20 years could agree on such a thing...

    N is for Neighborhood

    O is for Open Concept

    P is for Paint Color

    Q is for Questionable Wish List Items

    R is for Renovations

    S is for Shiplap

    T is for Timeline

    U is for Updating

    V is for View

    W is for Waco, Texas

    X is for... (E)Xtra

    Y is for YAAASSSS

    Z is for Zoning

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