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    The Alphabet According To HGTV Addicts

    O is for "open concept," obviously.

    A is for Andromeda Dunker


    Andromeda Dunker is the mysterious voice behind House Hunters. Luckily, she doesn't have to deal with any of the couples that appear on the show.

    B is for Budget

    Budgets on HGTV range from ridiculous to unrealistic. The word might as well not exist based on the fact that people almost never follow them (looking at you Tarek and Christina)!

    C is for Charm

    Twitter: @jjnizzi

    "Charm" is an indescribable trait that any slightly artsy couple has on their must-have list. Like who wants a cookie cutter house anyway? "Charm" MUST include granite countertops, an open concept layout, and stainless steel appliances, though.

    D is for Divorce

    Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

    I image something like 90% of couples who appear on House Hunters must end up in divorce. They really should have substituted crown moulding for close proximity to a divorce attorney on their must have list.

    E is for Entertaining Space


    A lie people say to make it look like they have friends. Honestly, the first and last time these people entertain is when the show is filming the ending where they make salad and drink wine and their kids run around the yard.

    F is for Fireplace


    A must-have on every couple's list, regardless of if they live in a warm place or not. And god forbid if it's electric and not gas.

    G is for Granite

    HGTV / Twitter: @laraeparker

    Ugh, who would even consider buying a house without it????

    H is for Hardwood Floors


    A must-have for any house. Like, why even bother looking at a house if it doesn't have hardwood?

    I is for Interior Design


    I honestly feel horrible for the designers on these shows. Either they have shitty budgets that get eaten up by horrific mold that the homeowners neglected, or they have couples that change their mind every minute. At least the houses look stunning when they're finished... before the staged furniture gets removed.

    J is for Joanna Gaines


    The Queen of HGTV, Mother of Goats, Fixer of Shiplap.

    K is for Kitchen


    If a kitchen doesn’t have stainless steel appliances, is it even a kitchen?

    L is for Location

    Something couples can never seem to agree upon. Even worse is when they make five minutes seem like the difference between life or death.

    M is for Moving

    Something couples can never agree on. For such a big life change, you'd think a couple who had been together over 20 years could agree on such a thing...

    N is for Neighborhood


    Aka the thing couples refuse to move or look outside of. Like, ever. Has there ever been an episode of Love It or List It where a couple wants to move outside of their "preferred neighborhood"?

    O is for Open Concept

    P is for Paint Color


    Something couples cannot look past. Oh, it's in the perfect location, right at our budget, with everything we need... ooh but those blue walls — it's a no.

    Q is for Questionable Wish List Items


    Peoples' wish list items are rarely logical. Either they don't match the budget or they're just downright strange. A man cave in an Italian apartment? Okay, Rob. A place for your turtles? Sure, Beth.

    R is for Renovations

    An idea that always seems to be shocking for people who appear on Property Brothers.

    S is for Shiplap


    A favorite of Joanna Gaines.

    T is for Timeline


    Apparently the world is going to end if renovations run a week over. What did you expect to happen, Susan, when you continue to change the design every day? HMM????

    U is for Updating


    A word people use when they're scared of the word "renovation." Often used when nothing really needs to be done, but rather it's just not the couples ~taste~.

    V is for View


    A view is a must-have for any couple buying international. Sure, the house is falling apart and doesn't have a modern kitchen or enough room for your eight kids, but look at those mountains!

    W is for Waco, Texas


    Waco is a magical place where homes cost, like, a dollar, and where the mythical, beautiful couple Joanna and Chip Gaines live.

    X is for... (E)Xtra

    Some people are so extra on these shows, they're too much. Do you really need an craft room just to make bows, Karen?

    Y is for YAAASSSS

    It's the feeling you get when you successfully guess which house a person is going to pick. Bonus points if you guess whether they’re going to Love It or List It, cause you know it’s fake AF.

    Z is for Zoning

    Zoning laws somehow manage to ruin every renovation every time. You'd think they'd plan ahead for these things.

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