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    Ranking All The Boys Of Riverdale By Dateability

    Riverdale: a town of pep and babes

    13. Nick St. Clair

    The CW

    The reason he's last shouldn't even need an explanation. He tried to assault not one, but TWO girls in the span of two days. If you didn't get satisfaction out of the Pussycats, and Hiram Lodge, and Archie beating the shit out of him you're a better person than us.

    12. Sweet Pea

    The CW

    Seeing as Sweet Pea has been a dick to everyone's fav character Jughead this season, it's a little hard to rank him higher. He's constantly being...well a dick. But despite that he seems to be pretty loyal to the Serpents so maybe he would be a loyal boyfriend too.

    11. Chuck Clayton

    The CW

    TBH we're a little conflicted about Chuck after seeing him be genuinely sweet with Josie. However, it's a little hard to get over his massive slut shaming of Veronica in season 1. Also, not sure what a "sticky maple" is but we're too scared to Google.

    10. Fangs Fogarty

    The CW

    Fangs is a bit of a wildcard just because we don't know much about him. He seems kind of sweet, at least when he was chatting with Kevin, but he's also in a gang so you know there's that.

    9. Chic Cooper

    The CW

    Yes, he's a long lost Cooper. Yes, he had a rough childhood. BUT HE RECOMMENDED HIS UNDERAGE LITTLE SISTER BECOME A CAM GIRL! We're not mental health professionals, but there has to be a better way to deal with anxiety than that. Hopefully Chic becomes a little less creepy and dangerous.

    8. Reggie Mantle

    The CW

    Oh, sweet asshole Reggie. He's the classic highschool douchebag jock that has a quick temper, a slow mind, but an oh so amazing body. He's probably better for a fling or casual relationship rather than boyfriend material, but damn is he fine.

    7. Dilton Doiley

    The CW

    Dilton is a weird mix of crazy survivalist and sweet nerd. He has moments that borderline creepy, but he seems to be okay. He might not be everyones ideal guy, but he would probably make some people very happy.

    6. Joaquin DeSantos

    The CW

    Are we the only ones that have missed Joaquin this season? A gay, dangerous bad boy heartthrob? Who could ask for more. Joaquin seemed to be sincerely into Kevin, but there's the whole issue of him getting into the relationship just to spy on his friends and get info on his BF's dad. Oh, and he helped cover up a murder.

    5. Jason Blossom

    The CW

    Jason Blossom, the ginger that started it all. His death was the catalyst for all the events that happened after. We've never actually heard him speak and he had that whole twincest vibe with Cheryl, but he straight up died to try to be with Polly which is peak boyfriend.

    4. Moose Mason

    The CW

    Moose's sexuality is a little up in the air, but that hardly matters. He is a giant sweet teddy bear. Hell, he even shielded his girlfriend from gun fire, taking multiple shots for her! If that's not a good boyfriend we don't know what is.

    3. Kevin Keller

    The CW

    Kevin might be everyone's Gay Best Friend, but he's also a great boyfriend. He acts a little reckless at times (hello, cruising in the woods at night with a serial killer on the loose), but he has a good heart. Plus, Kevin is super funny, really loyal, and tells it like it is.

    2. Jughead Jones

    The CW

    We know, let the outrage begin. "Jughead is obviously number 1", "Jughead is the ultimate boyfriend". BUT LISTEN UP PEOPLE, if this were season 1 Juggy would definitely be first. This season though he has been everything but a good boyfriend. Him and Betty have been so off and on it's giving us whiplash.

    Jughead is sweet and caring, but he uses Betty whenever it's needed but doesn't trust her to be strong enough to handle his life of crime. We're sincerely hoping Jughead ups his game.

    1. Archie Andrews

    The CW

    We can all agree Archie was a bit of a fuckboi during season 1. He was far more concerned with his music career and teacher-student affair than a murder. Who would have thought that in season 2 Varchie would be a better couple than Bughead.

    Archie this season protects Veronica multiple times, is honest with her about kissing Betty, tries to embrace her family and world, and he also continuously supports her. Major boyfriend goals.

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