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Which Maddy(ie) Are You?

Have you ever lain in bed and pondered at night, which Maddy(ie) of A03, Delta Arms does my personality most align with? Now it's time to rest easy. Take this ~short~ quiz and figure out the age old question: WHICH MADDY(IE) ARE YOU!?

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  1. How would you describe your music taste?

    You probably won't like it
    Check out my newest spotify playlist
  2. What do you eat for dinner?

    Homemade rissoto or something organic
    pretzels and nutella
  3. What's your go to ~alc~ drink

    Tequlia shots w/o a chase bc tryna die
    as the bard pitbull once crooned "Fireball!"
  4. How clean is your room?

    Hell hole
  5. How would you describe your style?

    Emo rock and roll meets the 60s
    Style is a social construct but catch me in birks and a flannel
  6. What's your typical Saturday night?

    I only drink on thursdays
  7. If your at the bar what are you doing?

    Making out with a rando
    Singing karoke, probs B.spears
  8. If you were a flower what would you be?

    venus fly trap.
  9. Most used emoji?

    Tongue out
  10. Drunk personality?

    Lights on, nobody's home

Which Maddy(ie) Are You?

You got: Maddy Kraemer!

You are a ~Maddy~!!! You've got good vibes and even use the phrase good vibes. Almost everything is a social construct to you. You can be found arguing about the benefits of composting and recycling and you have a low-key crush on Che Guevara.

Maddy Kraemer!
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You got: Maddie Roman!

Alright, you're a little feisty and intense but that's what people love about you. You love Crunchy's and the 60s and are always done to debate music. You consider yourself a film ~connoisseur~ and have opinions on almost everything.

Maddie Roman!
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