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Ladies do you ever worry about your self -worth? Do you ever allow a man to take control of you or feel as one is? Do you wonder if you will ever find that one true love, because you feel like you will be alone forever? This is for you! Woman today do not realize that men need women. Men are more empathetic, caring and generous when making decisions in life or for important situations they deal with when they surround themselves with women or their children they care greatly for. Scientists have done experiments proving men in business and politics make certain decisions more generously if they are more involved with women rather than men who are not. It’s often said that behind every great man stands a great woman. In light of the profound influence that women can have on men’s generosity, it might be more accurate to say that in front of every great man walks a great woman. If we’re wise, we’ll follow her lead.

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5. Daughters

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In the article Why Men Need Women Professor Dahl’s team did an experiment on how business men reduced wages by 100$ after having a child. But they examined the data more closely, the changes in pay depended on the gender of the child that the chief executives fathered. They reduced wages after having a son, but not after having a daughter. Daughters apparently soften fathers and evoke more caretaking tendencies.

4. Significant Other

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Some of the world’s most charitable men acknowledge the inspiration provided by the women in their lives. Bill Gates for example acknowledged his wife Melinda for starting their giving pledge. Gates stated "Melinda played a pivotal role in shaping the Giving Pledge. She read a book about a family that sold their home and gave half the proceeds to charity, and began spreading the word about the idea. "

3. Family

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Men are more empathetic and caring when married with a daughter because their decisions impact these two important women and they put these women in consideration. "The mere presence of female family members — even infants — can be enough to nudge men in the generous direction." (Why Men Need Women)


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Social scientists believe that the empathetic, nurturing behaviors of sisters rub off on their brothers. For example, studies led by the psychologist Alice Eagly at Northwestern University demonstrate that women tend to do more giving and helping in close relationships than men. (Why Men Need Women)

1. Women in the Workforce

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At work, we sorely need more women in leadership positions. We already know from considerable research that companies are better off when they have more women in top management roles, especially when it comes to innovation. (Why Men Need Women)

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