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    Plan A Halloween Themed Day And We'll Tell You What You Should Watch

    Who doesn't like Halloween, am I right?

    What time will you get up?
    What will you have for breakfast?
    You decide to go on a walk. Where?
    After a long walk you are hungry. What will you have for lunch?
    You go to a farm, where you decide to go apple picking. Pick your apple.
    After you collect a few apples, you go to the pumpkin patch. Pick a pumpkin.
    You stop by a stand selling snacks. Which do you buy?
    You then enter the cornmaze. Which way do you go?
    After making it home, you decide it's time for dinner, which is...?
    After finishing dinner, you head to a haunted house. Which one is the scariest to you?
    When you get home you put on some festive clothes. Pick your outfit.
    You make yourself a warm drink. Which drink are you sipping?
    You finally sit down on your couch, drink in hand and decide to watch a few Halloween episodes of your favorite show. What are you watching?
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