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    9 Stages You Go Through With Your Phone Battery

    Here are 9 stages that happen when you go from 100% to 0%.

    1. When your phone is at 100%

    Giphy / Via

    You charged your phone overnight. You had a good night's sleep. Go conquer the world, champ.

    2. 60% - It's chill


    your friends try to warn you but you don't listen and go out regardless.

    3. 40% - Stay calm


    Breathe in. Breath out.

    4. 20% - "Low battery" notification pops up

    giphy / Via

    Dismiss Notification. Pretend like nothing is wrong.

    5. 10% - All bets are off

    giphy / Via

    Start writing your will, there's no coming back from this one

    6. 5% - PANIC!!!!!!!

    Sheldon Cooper / Via

    The number of memes you'll see today are counted.

    7. 1% - There's only a few min left, accept the imminent death

    BAUS / Via

    step 1: Go on Fetal position.

    step 2: Cry.

    step 3: repeat step 2.

    8. It's not over, you keep fighting, and then finally find a plug and feel like

    @decadon / Via

    You either find a plug or a portable charger and you feel like you're on top of the world.

    9. 0% - Or you don't find a plug and it's game over. R.I.P.

    Major Keys / Via

    Is it just me or does it feel cold in here?

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