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    3 Things You Didn't Know About Alejandro Rioja

    Alejandro Rioja has recently been getting a lot of media attention thanks to his marketing skills and his company Flux Ventures. Most people know this part of Alejandro, but did you know these?

    1. He is a rapper named Young Slacker

    Young Slacker / Via

    Alejandro (better known as Young Slacker) has been rapping since 2015. He grew a large Snapchat fanbase thanks to his skits and short rap clips. We have yet to see him release a song however. In a recent Snap story, he hinted that he was working on one.

    2. He came all the way from Bolivia

    Alejandro Rioja was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. He immigrated to the US to study Computer Science at UCLA.

    1. He is dating model and entrepreneur Nicole Coppinger

    Via TMZ

    The first time we saw them together was at a nightclub in San Francisco in June 2016. It is rumored that they have been together since. They recently started a new project together called Future Sharks, where they interview other entrepreneurs and celebrities.