Which Member Of 3OH!3 R U

The women of apartment 303 are coming back for another #iconic semester

  1. Are you from NoVA?
    1. Yes
    2. Yes, but I also grew up abroad
    3. Yes, but some haters say I don’t
    4. No
  2. What is your coffee order?
    1. Americano/Iced Americano
    2. Mocha
    3. I used to be more of a tea person but now I drink a lot of coffee
    4. approx. 7 shots of espresso
  3. How do u feel about dogs?
    1. tbh I don’t get them
    2. I want to get a pet
    3. When I see a dog in public I get so excited I have to sit on the ground and cry
    4. I love them & sometimes my parents bring my pup to visit
  4. Pick a food
    1. eggs
    2. pho
    3. peanut butter
    4. gluten free cookies
  5. What is most likely to happen to you?
    1. You’re asked to leave a party bc u poured a drink on a white guy wearing a dashiki
    2. You star as Juliet in Romeo & Juliet
    3. You are forcibly removed from a music venue by multiple large bouncers
    4. You leave a middle eastern country the day before a violent coup happens
  6. Pick an iconic musician
    1. Alicia Keys
    2. Phil Collins
    3. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    4. Kanye OR some up-and-coming hipster, whichever

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