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Holiday Cocktails And Recipe Pairings You Can Make With Herbs From Your Countertop Garden

Find holiday inspiration in your own (countertop) garden this season with the Aerogarden from Macy's and Goodful!

This holiday season, fresh herbs are easy to come by! You can grow your own with the AeroGarden, a counter-sized greenhouse with LED grow lights and a system that reminds you when it's time to feed and water the plants.

1. Vodka Shirley Temple With Mint + Lemon Basil Christmas Cookies

2. Hot Toddy With Herbal Tea and Cinnamon Stick + Rosemary Cookies

3. Sangria With Thyme and Rosemary + Cheese and Prosciutto Toasties

4. Rosemary Champagne Fizz + Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

5. Gin and Grapefruit With Sage + Lemon-Parsley Gougères

6. Basil Cranberry Julep + Marinated Goat Cheese With Garlic and Thyme

7. Cucumber, Basil, and Lime Gimlet + Feta and Olive Salad

8. Brandy Smash With Mint + Baked Brie With Fruit

9. Apple and Sage Smash + Sweet and Sour Mini Meatballs

10. Lavender Martini + Goat Cheese Toasts With Honey, Walnuts, and Thyme

Now that’s herb-wonderful! Create holiday magic this season with the Aerogarden from Macy’s and Goodful.

Design: Victoria Reyes
Photo: Taylor Miller
Food stylist: Dana Bonagura