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14 V-Day Gifts For All The People You Love

Valentine's Day isn't just for ~sweethearts~ anymore. Show all your favorite people some love this V-Day with sweet gifts from Macy's.

1. For the person who always cooks with more love:

2. For the person you're so close to that giving underwear isn't weird at all:

3. For the dude who rocks blush tones like no other man can:

4. For the friend whose outlook on love depends simply on what day it is:

5. For that special someone who prefers a different kind of chocolate on Valentine's Day...

6. ...and for the one who's happier with the real thing.

7. For the bestie who texts "on my way" when she's not even halfway done getting ready:

8. For the guy who is still confused by cologne:

9. For the lady in your life who could use some boldness:

10. For the person who can make any cloudy situation a little brighter:

11. For the cute little heartbreaker-in-training:

12. For the sneakerhead:

13. For The One:

14. And for the gal who has a signature lip color and needs a signature fragrance:

Spread the love to more than just your boo this Valentine's Day with the perfect little gift from Macy's.

All images courtesy of Macy's.

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