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15 Useful Products All Newlyweds Should Have On Their Registry

Need to make a wedding registry? Don't know where to start? Macy's has got you covered with everything you need!

1. This classic Portmeirion dinnerware set.

2. These stainless steel All-Clad pots and pans.

3. This set of all your favorite OXO kitchen utensils.

4. This lightweight comforter from The Martha Stewart Collection.

5. These classy Thirstystone cheese knives.

6. And this Thristystone marble serving board.

7. These luxurious Martha Stewart Collection cotton towels.

8. These All-Clad nonstick frying pans.

9. These versatile OXO food storage containers.

10. This set of Lenox stainless steel flatware.

11. This Portmeirion porcelain roasting dish.

12. This elegant Lenox stemware collection.

13. And this fancy gold-trimmed Lenox dinnerware.

14. This durable All-Clad multipot.

15. These comfy colorful sheets from The Martha Stewart Collection.

Create your dream registry now at Macy's!