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These Inspiring Family Stories Are 6 Reasons You Should Support March Of Dimes

Macy’s and March of Dimes believe that all moms and babies — regardless age, race, geography, income, or socioeconomic background — deserve the best possible start and healthiest beginnings.

March of Dimes believes that every mom and baby deserves the best possible start. In reality, two babies die every hour in the US and about every 12 hours, a woman dies as a result of complications from pregnancy. From advocacy to education to research, March of Dimes is working to close the health equity gap so that all moms and babies are healthy and strong. Here are some personal stories from families March of Dimes has helped.

1. The Diaz Family

Jocelyn Diaz and two daughters

2. The Burr Family

Burr family photo

3. The Murillo Family

Murillo family photo with their daughter

4. The Little Family

Little family with two children

5. The Jolly Family

Jolly with three children

6. The Ataya Family

Ataya family with their three daughters

Macy's has helped March of Dimes fight for healthy moms and babies for 20 years. Through this partnership, they've reached millions of families and raised $30 million. Join the fight by donating to March of Dimes at

Images via Macy's.