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Here's How To Get Your Quintessential Summer Look

Patterns are everywhere this summer, and there are a million ways to wear them!

Summer is just around the corner! And this year, that means bold, fun patterns and lots of colors.

Patterns can be a little intimidating if you've suddenly got a ton of options, but never fear! We've got some ideas for you.

A bold floral is the pattern to beat, especially paired with a whimsical pair of shoes.

If you're really nervous about mixing patterns, try a sleek dress and simply patterned shoes!

You could always rock some comfy, patterned shorts to keep you looking and feeling super cool.

Accent a black and white pattern with a bold lip and colorful jewelry!

Or channel Van Gogh vibes with soft florals on a flowy dress.

Pick something with summery stripes for a bright casual look.

This off-the-shoulder embroidered top has subtle pinstripes!

Speaking of subtle patterns, you can mix them for some texture, and pair with a shoe that's got a cute pop of color.

But don't forget the show-stopping power of boldly patterned pants.

And you could always stick to the tried-and-true: freakin' delicious food patterns.

Design: Victoria Reyes
Photography: Sarah Stone
Makeup and hair: Alyne Halvajian
Models (in order of appearance): Jasmilca Martinez, Nia Shand, Sarah Berk, Kristin Ambrose, Asya Ulanova, Carolyn Negri, Samantha Shane, Ness White, Massima Lei, Bronwyn Karle

Celebrate summer at Macy’s with all your new faves! Wear your style your way.

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