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11 Reasons To Feel Zero Guilt On Black Friday

You worked super-hard this year. This Black Friday should be all about that ~treat yourself~ life. And Macy's has all the best sales to do it right!

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6. And actually, since high-quality stuff is so much cheaper than usual, there's some financial sense to getting things you need on Black Friday.

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Those $400 boots are $150 now, and they'll last you YEARS. It's an investment, tbh.

8. Karma alert: Black Friday is actually an excellent opportunity to do a good deed by buying more than you need and donating the rest.

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Keep an eye out for sales on nonperishable foods, blankets, towels, books, and clothing and get your donate on.

Head to Macy’s for the most incredible deals this Black Friday. Oversleep? Never fear! The sales continue all week long during Cyber Week.

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