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22 Drool-Worthy Instagrams To Follow This Year

Get a little yum, right to your phone.

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1. @meatballssmama

Instagram: @meatballssmama

Kari, a Portland-based social media director, definitely Gets It, which is probably why she's also a contributor for Esquire magazine. Her photos are beautifully clear and detailed, and every one will make you wonder if you can convince her to take you on as an "assistant."

2. @fooddeco

Instagram: @fooddeco

Food Deco is their name and handmade food that will make you want to be a better cook is their game. The things they can do with an avocado will astound you. A truly beautiful account.

3. @buzzfeedfood

Instagram: @buzzfeedfood

We might be biased, but we're pretty sure this is the best food Instagram around: a mix of delicious (often cheesy) photos and our famous food videos. Learn quick, easy, and delicious things you can make tonight without leaving your feed.

4. @bokebowl

Instagram: @bokebowl

Ramen is one of civilization's very best creations, and no one knows it better than the Portland restaurant Boke Bowl. Their Instagram will bring bowls and bowls right to you.

5. @lindsaymaitland

Instagram: @lindsaymaitland

Wonder where BuzzFeed Food's delicious recipes come from? Look no further than our recipe developer Lindsay. Get a sneak preview of what she's working on and what she eats in her time off (spoiler: it's delicious).

6. @constellationinspiration

Instagram: @constellationinspiration

Amy is a self-proclaimed "novice baker" who used to make cakes from a box, just like the rest of us. But then she challenged herself to start baking from scratch, and now she makes the most beautiful things.

7. @xtinebyrne

Instagram: @xtinebyrne

Our Associate Food Editor, Christine actually loves healthy food. She's taught us so much about how to make healthy food that tastes so good we'd happily pick it over unhealthy food. And lucky for everyone, she uses her Instagram to teach you, too.

8. @bysaber

Instagram: @bysaber

Lina Saber's account that proves just how varied and exciting a dairy and gluten free diet can be. Filled with colorful and fresh food, her photos are like tiny island vacations in themselves.

9. @buzzfeedhealth

Instagram: @buzzfeedhealth

Brownies on a health account?! Yep. They're made with black beans, and are the perfect example of what you'll find in this realistic mix of healthy and healthy-ish foods, along with other photos to help keep your mind clear and your energy high.

10. @alisoneroman

Instagram: @alisoneroman

Alison is one of our food editors, and her Instagram is a beautiful whirlwind tour of the delicious things she makes and eats around the world.

11. @honestlyyum

Instagram: @honestlyyum

The easiest way to description Honestly Yum's mix of baking, cocktails, and other meals is that it's honestly yummy. So, that makes sense.

12. @iwillnoteatoysters

Instagram: @iwillnoteatoysters

Toronto-based chef Danielle Oron's modern spin on Israeli cooking brings the traditional flavors of the country to a new audience.

13. @vickiee_yo

Instagram: @vickiee_yo

Vickie may be an "amateur" baker, but she is a professional cute-creation machine! Each of her colorful cookies and donuts are more adorable than the last.

14. @witandvinegar

Instagram: @witandvinegar

Blogger Billy Green gets up close and personal with food, turning it into beautiful patterns.

15. @rushyama

Instagram: @rushyama

Okay, let's get the coolest stuff out of the way first: Ruth is a professional harpist. Like hello! That is so cool! Anyway, Ruth is also a home cook who takes the most beautiful photos of her creations. She has an adorable baby, too, which never hurts.

16. @andrewoknowlton

Instagram: @andrewoknowlton

Andrew Knowlton is the Deputy Editor of Bon App├ętit magazine, and his Instagram is a mix of the fancy things you wish you were eating and the totally un-fancy things you'll be glad to see he loves, too (fries, duh).

17. @thedelicious

Instagram: @thedelicious

Looking for something colorful and healthy to add to your Instagram? The Delicious is here to motivate you to a cleaner, more delicious 2016. This account proves that when it comes to food photography, sometimes simpler is better.

18. @miyukiadachi

Instagram: @miyukiadachi

Miyuki is easily the coolest Instagram account I came across this year. She is a self-proclaimed "pasta geek" and pastamaker. She uploads videos of her hand-making pieces of pasta, over and over again. It's completely hypnotizing and amazing.

19. @georgeats

Instagram: @georgeats

Georgia is only 24 and has already mastered the perfect food shot. She's gluten-free and pescatarian, so her account is mostly filled with colorful vegetables and fruit. But it all looks so good you won't miss the gluten, or the steak. Trust me.

20. @mosluv

Instagram: @mosluv

Lybov is here to take your breakfast to the next level (it's a very delicious and beautiful level). By pushing the limits of what we know as breakfast, she shows us that breakfast is really just a state of mind.

21. @gilliehouston

Instagram: @gilliehouston

Gillie Houston is in charge of Yahoo Food's Instagram, so naturally her photos are beautiful and her food choices are perfect. She takes you with her wherever she goes, so you can vicariously enjoy what she eats there.

22. @missnewfoodie

Instagram: @missnewfoodie

Last, but very not least: If you're looking for a classic "man on the street" food Instagram, Miss New Foodie has got you. Emily travels all over New York City to eat and photograph the most mouthwatering food around. A major plus: Her captions are hysterical.

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