16 WTF Photos That Prove Fashion Designers Have Lost Their Minds

    New York Fashion Week: Fall 2015 gave us yet another dose of bizarreness.

    1. This disco-scarecrow-priest.

    2. This dead quail.

    3. This nurse from your nightmares.

    4. And her patient, I guess?

    5. These Dexter-style trash bag boots.

    6. This rope mask.

    7. This dog-out-the-window hairdo.

    8. This 24-hour diner floor look.

    9. This ~sexy~ cage.

    10. Whatever this is?

    11. Like, what is this though?

    12. This guy who got stuck in a parachute.

    13. The super-stylish morgue.

    14. This medieval face cage.

    15. This chainmail wrestling mask.

    16. And the most confusing image to come out of fashion week...this photo of Naomi Campbell holding hands with Bieber.